I always get excited when there is something new to talk about, and Hyundai is the topic to note at the moment. With the fresh-from-launch new crossover vehicle, the Hyundai i20 Active in my sights, I am excited to preview this vehicle together with the team from Hyundai the Glen.

New Car Sales Manager, Mandy Kleinhans, is a veritable fountain of knowledge when it comes to the products and services offered by the Hyundai brand. With many years’ experience behind her back, Mandy is proud to represent this brand which she states she truly believes in. Always willing to share her experience with me, Mandy is a dynamic individual who has a solid grasp of the motoring industry and all its nuances, and as a result knows exactly which niche Hyundai vehicles fit into. Excited about the very recent launch of the Hyundai i20 Active, Mandy could not wait for me to learn more about their newest offering.

Sales Executive Lunga Kasha is a familiar face at the dealership. Boasting ten years of service in the industry, Lunga feels the Hyundai brand represents quality, reliability and a superb sense of style, more so now than ever before with the brand-new i20 Active, which has been designed to fit in with an active, adventurous lifestyle.

A gorgeous little car is what I see when previewing the i20 Active. Roof rails, daytime running lights and a sportier, hardier, tougher trim set this vehicle apart from it’s cousin, the i20 which has become so popular on the roads. I love the slightly flamboyant style that is set off against a capable, tough undertone, which creates a sense of excitement about the vehicles capabilities. I like the way it looks on the outside, with its cheeky foglamps and the athletic trim on the boot-edge that clearly identifies this vehicle for what it is. The front air dam boasts a two-tone bumper, and the chrome door-handles and moulding on the sides of the vehicle also attract attention, while the tailgate spoiler adds to the assertive look of the i20 Active.

The interior is an exercise in what is truly needed; the dashboard is straightforward, yet modern and fresh, with sufficient technology to stay ahead of the competition in this segment, without burdening the driver with unnecessary flashing lights, dials and switches. It looks and feels like a classic Hyundai, with thoughtfully laid out necessities, and the added bonuses like infotainment, Bluetooth, charging and AUX ports on hand and even standard navigation capabilities included. There is also a pop-down stowage area for your sunglasses which one doesn’t often find on vehicles in this segment, as well as smart-key entry into the vehicle and push-button start. Other really cool features to note include anti-pinch automatic windows and doors that unlock automatically when impact is sensed. The headlamps also remain on for a short period of time after exiting the vehicle to enable you to see your way around in the dark.

The i20 Active has cloth upholstery seating, and this is hardy and durable to my touch. I like the coloured stitching that hint at the sporty nature of the vehicle, and love the arm-rests and cupholders that are available and within arm’s reach. Parking guidance is available on the infotainment screen, and four high-frequency tweeters are included as a really nice little added bonus. The cabin is relatively spacious for a small vehicle, and the boot is sizeable at 320 litres, which would naturally lend itself to being quite suitable for a young family.

The unique little crossover is released with a 1.4 U2 CRDi diesel engine paired with a manual gearbox that is said to deliver great fuel economy on the 50 litre tank (6.5 litres per 100 kilometres). With the engine capable of delivering 85 Kw of power and 160 nM of torque, this little vehicle sounds like quite the tiger, and I am really eager to get my hands on it. Mandy tells me it also has 4 airbags and ABS/EBD systems to prioritise passenger safety, which makes it all the more attractive in my books.

Hyundai the Glen is, as always, the epitome of professionalism and product expertise, and with their excitement about this new crossover, they are showcasing the i20 Active at a starting price of R279 900, paired with a 3 year/60 000 km service plan, and a best-in-class warranty of 7 years/200 000 kilometres.

The dealership contact details are: Hyundai the Glen.



Journalist: Desh Bechan

Reporter: Inge Stols

Editor: Belinda Anderson