Hyundai The Glen’s sales executive, Terence Wessels, recently met up with me at the dealership to present his favourite vehicle for my perusal. Clearly loving both cars and sales, Terence believes that his fresh take on the motoring industry will be a solid contribution to a brand he is passionate about. Following on this, Terence notes that the new Hyundai Tucson is the ultimate embodiment of what the Hyundai brand stands for, and feels that this vehicle in particular is one of the best in the industry as a whole.

The top of the range Tucson is striking indeed, and with it’s sexy new shape is truly eye-catching. Terence notes that the beautiful new exterior is only the tip of the iceberg, and I am taken by his utter commitment and love for the dealership. With confidence, Terence gives me the rundown of the Tucson, noting the 2 litre Diesel engine and its gorgeous, stylish leather interior (also pointing out the full infotainment system with stunning 8-inch touch screen).

Slipping inside, the Tucson is the ultimate in refinement, with lovely finishes, premium cabin space (even for the tallest of passengers) with ample leg room and an impressive boot space for all your storage needs. I love the advanced audio system with Bluetooth, USB/Aux and iPod connectivity that seems to be urging me to enjoy a great soundtrack whilst cruising down the road.

Speaking of cruising, the Tucson seems to have mastered the art of the cool, silky smooth cruise – with very little noise or vibration, the ride is quiet and refined. The gearbox changes are slick and the vehicle pulls off strongly and with great confidence – the Tucson kicks out impressive power and torque thanks to brilliant engine design (both petrol and diesel available), including a sportier variant in the R2.0 Elite Diesel automatic. I felt the Tucson perform brilliantly in stop-go-traffic, building up speed on the open highway and also giving great grip in wet and rainy conditions.

With added luxury features available such as electronic driver and passenger seats that are designed to support you whilst still providing optimal manoeuvrability and comfort at the touch of a button, the Tucson presents itself as comfort and security-oriented. Rear Park assist is activated when the vehicle moves into reverse, and is displayed on your rear-view mirror (which makes a cool, sci-fi-like change that I personally got a kick out of). Four rear-mounted sensors also made parking a breeze. Auto-locking doors and class-leading safety features were a definite nod to the vehicles capability to perform as the ultimate family car, which obviously impressed me and the family.

As a whole, the Tucson was impressive and felt as though it would be a great addition to my lifestyle. In keeping with the Hyundai philosophy of building cars that are designed to be “lifetime companions”, Hyundai the Glenn promotes their products, vehicles and services with pride and sensitivity, knowing that this relationship is for life; their dedication to this philosophy is very evident, and something I am well taken by.

The dealership contact details are: Hyundai The Glen 011 435 0770.


By Desh Pillay Bechan