Being an existing fan of Hyundai vehicles, I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to test drive the new Hyundai Veloster Turbo at Hyundai Corlett Drive recently. Greeted by its assertively styled grill and headlights, I felt a thrill as I took the keys. A dynamic combination of hatchback practicality and swagger of a coupe, the Veloster boasts sexy curves that highlight its sporty mission. I am most interested to note this vehicle has 4 doors, set out as 2 plus 1 door configuration, with only one rear door situated on the left-hand side, leaving the driver’s side with only one door.

I immediately loved the shark-like aerodynamics of the vehicle, and note the sporty theme is underscored as I slip into the racing-styled bucket seats; the steering column adjusts expansively to suit my frame, and the cockpit as a whole presents as sassy yet comfortable and user-friendly. The sporty trim continues throughout the interior with Turbo embossing, and blends well with the technological features cleverly displayed on the dash: a large touchscreen infotainment panel with Android and Apple interface, bold audio features and standard climate controls. With a grin, I note the front seats are heated, making the spacious interior even more appealing.

In the rear, the seats are divided by a console providing two cup-holders and a small storage cubby, and prove to be roomy and comfortable. Looking up, I notice the gorgeous panoramic roof that creates a sense of freedom and excitement, and I briefly imagine the thrill of driving under a star-filled night sky. Back in reality, I am shown the expansive boot space – which can be further maximised by folding the back seats down, and providing an impressive storage area for a car in this class.

Once I start the vehicle, the easy rumble of the 1.6 litre GDI engine is a mischievous reminder of this vehicles design. I am pleasantly surprised at minimal cabin noise, thanks to the vibration-free engine concept, and feel the responsiveness of 150 KW output as I set off. Two variants of this vehicle are available at Hyundai Corlett Drive both the 6-speed manual transmission and the 7-speed dual clutch and offer remarkably good fuel consumption figures averaging about 11.5 kilometres per litre depending on engine and transmission types.

The drive proves to be everything the vehicle promises to be – excellent responsiveness, good road grip through corners and smooth acceleration (I admittedly did give the engine a few extra revs to see if it held up to its sports-car allusions, and was not disappointed). Despite the sporty mission of this car, safety is not negated and I felt secure with the combination of airbags, ABS/EBD and the electronic stabilising system, and enjoyed the gravity of the car as it handles incredibly well in city driving conditions.

The relatively slight size of this vehicle is by no means an indication of it’s capabilities though. The Veloster Turbo proves to be a dynamite package that is as satisfying to drive as it is to look at, and with the 5 year/150 000 km warranty (with fantastic extras, including roadside assistance, service plan and manufacturers power train warranty) the Veloster is a perfect vehicle for the young professional, unattached adventurer or even small family, as Hyundai Corlett Drive so perfectly showcases.

By Desh Bechan