We thought we had seen the largest that Korean brand, Hyundai had to offer when they introduced the Hyundai Santa Fe a few years back. It was an impressive SUV and had the size to match. But Hyundai wasn’t quite done yet, as 2021 has marked the introduction of what is now their flagship and largest SUV – the Hyundai Palisade.

First things first, you probably read that headline and wondered what the Korean bred Hyundai Palisade has in common with America. As we all know by now, Americans like to have everything in large quantities and sizes, from their food to their cars. Their bakkies are called trucks for a reason because they’re massive! The Koreans have taken a page out of the USA’s notepad, and have gone and created their largest SUV yet. It measures nearly 5 meters in length, stands on 20-inch wheels, and can seat up to eight passengers. Based on this information alone, you kind of have an idea of the size we’re dealing with here. Hyundai’s remaining SUV line-up, from the Venue to the Santa Fe, takes their hats off when in the presence of the new Palisade.


Tech is in abundance in the Palisade’s roomy interior. Upfront there’s an 8-inch infotainment screen to take care of all your media needs, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can choose whether you want to charge your phone wirelessly or connect it to a USB cable through any one of the seven USB ports in the car. Yes, it has seven ports, one for each member of the family to avoid squabbles. Being the family orientated vehicle that it is, the Hyundai Palisade allows for multiple Bluetooth connections at the same time, one for phone calls and the other for playing audio. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

For once, heated seats and seat ventilation isn’t reserved for those sitting in the front two seats. The Palisade’s second row of seats also has the heating function, making sure that no one is left in the cold. A nifty feature called Rear Seat Quiet Mode has been built into this interior. It allows front-seat occupants to enjoy their preferred audio, while those in the second and third-row listen to their own music or enjoy the silence while napping on a long road trip.

Hyundai Palisade engine

Hyundai’s trusted 2.2 turbodiesel engine has been called upon for duty here. Paired to an 8-speed auto gearbox, the four-cylinder engine delivers an output of 142 kW and 440 Nm while meeting Euro 6 emission standards. Hyundai claims the average fuel economy to be at 8.2 litres per 100km. A four-wheel-drive system ensures that all four wheels receive their fair dose of power as and when required. If the terrain beneath you isn’t agreeable or grippy, a locking differential is onboard to assist you at a moments notice.

There are only two Hyundai Palisade variants to choose from, a seven and eight-seater, and both share the same engine. Have a look at what it will cost you to take ownership of one of these.

Hyundai Palisade price

Palisade R2.2 7-seater Elite                                                     R 999 900 

Palisade R2.2 8-seater Elite                                                    R 999 900