The design of the sunroof spans both the era of the horse-and-carriage as well as the horseless-wagon and is as common a feature on a car as are the headlights. Due to the frequency of sunroof donned vehicles, car-buyers innocently assume; that in this modern-age of consumer rights and cross-gender public-toilets – automobile manufacturers would never dare produce a vehicle with a potentially hazardous design-feature!

While Global NCAP safety ratings are a reassurance of auto-manufacturers dedication and commitment to driver safety – sunroofs are not completely fail-proof.

The benefits of a sunroof are obvious

  1. They enhance the vehicles cabin ambiance especially on a warm summer evening. Parked on a hill-top at night, with the seats inclined, some good music to set the mood – gazing-up at the stars is both relaxing and romantic.
  • Exposure to sunlight is scientifically proven to elevate a person’s mood, strengthens the immune-system – imbuing an overall sentience of wellbeing.
  •  If you haven’t rolled your car onto the roof, a sunroof may serve as an emergency escape hatch – especially if you are caught in a flash-flood or you happen to veer-off the road into a river.

However, the downside of having a sunroof has by far more practical implications

Sunroofs have been known to spontaneously explode without warning. One may assume that a small stone chip in the sunroof’s glass perpetuated by an over-exposure of extreme temperatures: prolonged periods of hot sunlight followed by the rapid cooling of pouring rain is to blame. However, a sunroof’s glass consists of a tempered type of safety glass, its altered molecular-structure makes it five times stronger, more durable and safer than regular glass – yet every known vehicle brand has experienced numerous cases of spontaneous exploding sunroofs – hundreds within the past three years. Inasmuch, as an exploding sunroof is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty; manufacturers refuse to accept any liability. An exploding sunroof is a frightful experience for vehicle occupants, the shrapnel-effect of rapidly dispersing glass can damage the vehicle’s cabin interior or inflict personal injury – albeit vehicle manufacturers offer little sympathy or compensation.

In our next article regarding spontaneously exploding sunroofs – we will look at the reasons, what to do if your sunroof has exploded and more importantly what you can do to prevent it?

Written By Dean Joseph