Did you know that Subaru originates back in 1915, where the corporation started out as an Aircraft Research Laboratory, only developing its speciality for vehicles in the early 50’s? I found this fact to be quite interesting, and note that the long legacy of superior technology that the Subaru brand inherited is part and parcel of the superb products that we now have available to us, manifested in their vehicles. None more so than the Impreza, made famous by movies such as the Fast and the Furious, for its incredible performance ability.

Representing this brand in the Pretoria region is the Subaru Centurion Dealership, located in a bustling metropolis where impressive cars are part and parcel of the daily commute. Adding to the ranks of amazing vehicles, this dealership stands firmly rooted in a twenty-two-year history of showcasing this brand in South Africa, and has already made a name for itself in the community for their dedication to quality client service.

Working with a team of knowledgeable and professional individuals who strive to epitomise work ethic and attention to detail, I have always enjoyed my time at Subaru Centurion. Meeting up with Sales Manager Casper Grobler, who is a product specialist in his field, I am once again reminded of the Subaru philosophy that is upheld so well by the team: enjoyment and peace of mind with every adventure. And adventure seems to be the fuel that runs through the engine of the Impreza!

Designed to encourage a more active, inspiring lifestyle, the new Impreza has been completely redesigned; building on the success of its predecessor, the new Impreza is even more stylish and agile than before, bringing new meaning to the designation, “performance vehicle”. Having a natural affinity for vehicles and their own unique characteristics, Casper is the ideal person to learn from in this case. With experience and knowledge built up over some time in the industry, Casper notes that the Impreza is both impressive and consistent (with the quality we have come to expect from a Subaru vehicle).

Still maintaining the core of the signature Impreza look, the vehicle is instantly recognisable although with a sleeker, more modern spin. With 17-inch alloy wheels as standard, the Impreza looks solid, confident and also elegant, which I always love in performance vehicles: the idea that a powerful vehicle can still look elegant enough to belong to a lady with class is what epitomises my stance in the industry, and the Impreza pulls off this duality very well.

The interior is stylish and has an overtly modern edge to it – I love the large, clear infotainment display (6 or 8 inches depending on variant) and the way it is elegantly incorporated into the dashboard. Although cloth upholstery is standard, you could opt for leather, and the rest of the interior has high quality finishes and the classic Subaru technologically-advanced feeling to it whilst not overwhelming the driver. A really stunning sunroof amplifies the sense of spacious comfort, and has a power-sliding, tilt-adjustable function that minimises wind noise. A host of other features (including keyless entry and push-button start, voice activated navigation, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto) make the drive simple, effortless and convenient.

Seating is extremely comfortable and as always, behind the wheel of a Subaru, I feel a bit like I’m doing a cameo in a Hollywood Blockbuster, albeit only in my imagination. There is naturally a reason for this though, and that relates to the legendary performance capabilities which this vehicle offers. The horizontally opposed 2 litre engine is released in three auto variants (2.0i -S; 2.0i and 2.0i-S ES) and puts out 115 Kw of power and 196 Nm of torque which is really what this vehicle has become known for (granted, in movies these are usually much more “pimped up” and modified, but the spirit of the vehicle remains the same).

Personally, I love the precise and powerful feel of the Impreza and its incredible responsiveness to my urging and note that it handles really well around corners and when unleashed on the long road. The powerful engine is supposed to be quite efficient – according to Subaru, it ranks at 7.2 litres per 100 kilometres in combined cycles – which I don’t find all that economical, but considering it’s built for power and performance, shrug this off and hit the accelerator one last time on my test drive.

The pinnacle characteristic of Subaru vehicles for me personally is their legendary safety ratings. Although the Impreza seems to be a standard powerhouse performance vehicle, it’s really the safety features that win me over time and time again. Added to the built-in features designed to keep vehicle occupants safe (which include Active Torque Vectoring, Vehicle Dynamics Control Systems, Hazard Avoidance, 7 airbags and Whiplash Mitigating Front Seats to name but a few), the new Impreza features the impressive EyeSight Driver Assist Technology. Designed to monitor traffic movement and optimise cruise control, this feature warns you if you depart from your lane, and automatically applies full braking force in a crisis, thanks to the Pre-Collision Braking feature. A set of well-placed cameras, located strategically on the vehicle, continuously scan the road for potential hazards which will trigger any one of the necessary safety systems on board the Impreza. In this way, the Impreza has increased safety and strives to give the driver peace of mind. I can attest to the fact that although this seemed like a great deal of information to initially take in, I did honestly feel very much more alert and aware during my test drive.

I conclude that although the Impreza is seemingly designed for the racing enthusiast or young man on a mission to make a statement, it would also make an ideal family vehicle, given its safety features and comfortable design. Back at the Dealership, Casper mentions to me that not only are the all-new Impreza’s available as new, but also in terms of pre-owned vehicles which the Dealership subjects to stringent quality assurance checks prior to release for resale, making them more affordable too. Subaru Centurion also boasts a superb workshop and part division that will ensure your vehicle – and you, as the client – are always looked after.

For more information, please follow this link to the Dealership’s homepage: Subaru Centurion


Article By:

Editor: Desh Bechan

Reporter and Author: Inge Stols & Belinda Anderson