Last month I had the pleasure of meeting up with Charl Randall, Sales Manager for Isuzu Truck World in Kempton Park.  Charl heads up a sales team that is taught how to sell, present – and maintain – bakkies and trucks of the highest standards to the South African market. As the first Isuzu Truck Dealer to open in South Africa, it currently features among the top 6 Large Dealers in the Country.

Isuzu Truck World was established to be the forerunner of the Isuzu Truck Network in South Africa, and as a subsidiary of the Itochu Corporation of Japan, holds itself to global standards of excellence and precision as both a local and international business of commercial vehicles. Headed by Dealer Principal Mahomed Philip, the dealership has a large catalogue, which includes a variety of bakkies and bigger trucks, and strives to use a winning combination of global expertise and local knowledge to meet the needs of Gauteng-based clients. This week, I wanted some more information on the Isuzu KB 250 HO Hi-Rider 4 x 2.

Having been in the industry for 16 years, Charl notes that the Isuzu brand is one of only two brands he has ever represented, and feels a firm affinity to Isuzu and the client-base he has built up over the years. It’s not often that one hears someone say that another’s persons satisfaction is the key to their happiness, but Charl is one such individual; believing that Sales is not simply about selling a vehicle, but more about ensuring that clients are cared for holistically and throughout many years, Charl is emphatic about putting the client first, and wanting to see them come back after some time for upgrades or new vehicles.

The Isuzu Truck World fleet includes the KB series of bakkies (single cab, extended cab and double cab) which are vehicles seen daily on our roads; increasing in popularity, the KB 250 HO Hi-Rider was designed to have the strength of two bakkies, and the practicality of turning your business into pleasure. I chatted to a young man named David Rossouw recently, a proud owner of the KB 250 HO Hi-Rider, regarding how this bakkie fits into his business and personal life.

Noting first that he loves the design of the vehicle that is not compromised by the idea that it needs to be a powerful work-horse. The KB 250 HO Hi-Rider looks good, is not overly blocky and has an aerodynamic front grille with integrated daytime running lights and standard issue 16-inch allow wheels. With Flex Doors that provide easy access to the extended cabin, David notes that he loves the practicality and versatility this vehicle offers. Inside the cabin, the tough looks are softened by a classy and yet simple dashboard. With modern trim and good quality finishes, the cockpit is ergonomically laid out in such a way that everything you need is within reach. Without all the fuss of unnecessary gadgets, David notes, this bakkie has sufficient modern features to stay abreast of technological trends (with the bonus of smart leather seats which he added optionally), but not forget the purpose with which he brought the vehicle in the first place: to work hard.

Being a rather tall young man, David notes that he sits comfortable in the driver’s seat and feels the front two seats have ample head and leg room, whilst the storage box behind the seats perfectly serves his purpose. Working in construction and blasting, David is pedantic about needing storage and the vehicle he drives being able to carry his equipment with ease. With a 1133 kg payload and a towing capacity of up to 2100 kg, the KB 250 HO Hi-Rider fits the bill perfectly for his needs.

Noting that he needs a vehicle he can trust, David adds that this is why he chose an Isuzu: the powerful 2.5 litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine produces 100 KW of power and 320 Nm of Torque, which enables him to easily carry heavy equipment in the back and still have the performance of a strong engine that works smartly, and efficiently. Noting that in terms of fuel consumption, he averages between 8 and 9 litre per 100 kilometres, David adds that for him, reliability and consistency of performance are important. With a 5 year/120 000 km warranty and roadside assistance, David feels secure in knowing he has bought a high-quality bakkie that will be able to perform as it was intended to, and that he will be supported and backed-up by a Dealership that values his satisfaction too.

ABS, EBD and Brake Assist are some of the features David mentions to me that he felt were minimum requirements when deciding on a vehicle; working in a rough-and-tumble field where his own safety needs to be prioritised too, David feels that the Isuzu KB 250 HO Hi-Rider has all the boxes checked in this regard. Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control, together with Hill Start Assist and Descent Control are all standard on this vehicle. Side-impact bars provide additional strength and protection to the body of the vehicle, whilst driver and passenger airbags and a collapsible steering column are design to keep the occupants safe in a collision.

David ended off his chat with me by saying that the KB 250 HO Hi-Rider has been an incredible asset to his business; although this bakkie does not provide for space for more passengers, it is ideal for the purposes he bought it for, and he loves the fact that it is a brand he can trust. His previous two vehicles were both Isuzu bakkies as well, and he notes with a laugh that his next two also will be.

For more information on Isuzu Truck World and the range of KB bakkies available, check out Isuzu Truck World

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Editor: Desh Bechan

Reporter and Author: Inge Stols & Belinda Anderson