Introduced as a forerunner in the late 2000s, Isuzu Truck World has been the main portal for viewing and purchasing your favourite Isuzu vehicles for over a decade. With a distinct combination of global and local knowledge, the team at Isuzu Truck World are always looking to utilise their expertise to assist in identifying the Isuzu vehicle that’s perfect for you and your family. Mirroring these sentiments in the truest sense are Sales Manager, Charl Randall, who takes pride in Isuzu’s reliability and 90-year heritage; and Sales Executive, Zach van Loggerenberg, whose passion for the brand was evident during my test drive of the MU-X.

Dubbed as the latest in modern sport utility vehicles, the MU-X is tough, sexy and refined – and when faced with its powerful presence, it is rather evident that this isn’t just any seven-seater SUV. A fundamental structural design of the MU-X is the characteristic shoulder-line that seamlessly cascades into the doors. Emanating sophistication, the vehicle’s side profile has been likened to the curve of the Japanese ‘Katana’ sword.

The striking Bi-LED headlamps and LED daytime running lights combined with the elegant chrome signature Isuzu front grille give this car its rugged yet appealing demeanor. Included are 18-inch alloy wheels and aluminium side steps that aid with entering and exiting the vehicle.

The interior epitomises practicality and comfort, encompassed in an air of luxury. The MU-X has you covered on all fronts. The second and third-row seats fold completely flat to offer you ample space and convenience. You can now stress less when doing the things you love – road trips with the family, shopping sprees with your girlfriends or weekend fishing trips with the guys; and the errands you dread – traffic laden school runs or month-end grocery shopping.

Adding a touch of lavish to the beautifully decorated inside are piano black finishes and bright silver accents; together with a steering wheel and seats that are fitted with a lush leather trim.

Integrated is a 6.5-inch infotainment system which includes Bluetooth, Aux, USB, radio and a rear camera – all accessible through the multifunctional steering wheel. If you prefer something a bit more advanced, you have the option of upgrading to a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

The MU-X is keyless and with just a touch of a button on the door handle (and your remote at hand), it welcomes you into its realm. One can easily settle into the driver’s seat with its six-way electric seat adjustments and easy-to-reach safety belts. A simple touch of the start button located left of the steering wheel sets off the roaring diesel engine – you’re on you way!

An electroluminescent multi-informational driver display informs you of exactly what is going on in the vehicle even before you drive it. You can even tell whether the previous driver had a bit of a heavy foot during the last drive with the fuel consumption gauge.

Take-off has little to no lag, which is impressive considering its size. Powerful without being overpowering means accelerating doesn’t evoke a sense of intimidation. And steering is easy and stable. The manufacturer purposely lowered the engine’s power output, without significantly decreasing its performance. This was done with the objective of conserving fuel – which is a big plus considering the price of fuel nowadays.

The vehicle has certain features that make it both fun and safe to drive. Small conveniences such as the placement of the electric window controls at steering height make it easy to reach whilst still concentrating on the road as you drive.

Isuzu really created an SUV that is reliable, luxurious and super comfortable – and I would suggest no other place to purchase your MU-X than Isuzu Truck World in Kempton Park. They have an expert team to guide you through your purchase and excellent after-sales to give you piece of mind. Plan your next adventure with the Isuzu MU-X!

By Inge Stols

Editor: Kersh Moodley