The Jaguar brand is known for it’s exquisite, high-power vehicles that turn heads wherever they go – not the least of which is the new Jaguar F-Pace SUV which I was privileged to drive. The team at Jaguar East Rand noted that this vehicle, as the pioneer for Jaguar’s venture into the SUV market, is an explosive combination of sports-car performance and SUV comfort coupled with the sublime luxury Jaguar is so famous for.

Madelein Kruger, Marketing Manager for Jaguar, Volvo and Landrover East Rand, is the ideal connection to have to this vehicle. With charisma, knowledge and an innate ability to relate to people, Madelein is exceptionally well-placed in the industry to promote the superb Jaguar brand. Spending time with a product specialist of this calibre is not only enjoyable, but truly enriches my understanding of what the vehicle, and the Dealership as a whole, has to offer.

With its magnificent body shape, the F Pace commands attention from the moment you lay eyes on it – a pronounced grill, cat-like headlights and the smooth haunches reminiscent of the big South American cat it was named after. The interior of the vehicle is of the high-quality one is accustomed to from this brand, with smooth finishes and a sensual feel that highlights the level of comfort incorporated in this design. With advanced driving aids, such as the InControl Multimedia system, not only are your entertainment needs met, but hands-free communication, navigation and vehicle information are readily available to enhance the driver’s sense of complete control. Together with ample head- and leg room, the F Pace is a truly comfortable vehicle for driver and passengers alike.

Naturally the power of the engine in this vehicle is what piqued my interest; the imposing 3.0 litre turbodiesel engine has no problem churning out 221 KW and 700 NM torque in other variants, and the R-Sport variant I am driving jumps ahead eagerly when released at take-off. As per it’s sports-design mission, the F-Pace performs consistently like a sports car (with advanced chassis and suspension designs) and grips the road beautifully, leading to a splendid drive which I enjoyed tremendously. Jaguar Bryanston’s team also mentions the exceptionally good fuel consumption on the F-Pace, due to the lightweight body structure, low friction technology and gorgeous aerodynamics which, in comparison to other vehicles in this class is arguably better than average.

Further features include Dynamic Stability Control, Engine Drag Torque Control, Head-Up Display and Queue Assist to mention but a few. The spacious interior lends itself to comfortable family trips with more than adequate boot space that in no way detracts from the athletic image the vehicle presents, a nod to the crossover design. The 5-star EuroNCAP safety rating on this vehicle is also worth mentioning, and establishes this vehicle as an exquisite all-rounder when looking at the high-power sports/SUV crossovers. Madelein notes that the Jaguar F Pace was awarded the 2017 World Car of the Year and World Car Design of the Year accolade.

With a few options to choose from in the F Pace range, Jaguar East Rand provides excellent introductions to each of these variants, ranging from the R Sport, F Pace Pure and the F Pace S to the F Pace First Edition which showcases exclusive design details and a choice of power-house engines. Jaguar East Rand makes it easy to submerge yourself into a world of automotive excellence and come out far richer in knowledge and experience, and (hopefully) with a new F Pace too.


By Desh Pillay Bechan