The Jaguar F-Type has gained a metal ceiling and more focus – according to its makers. It’s being touted by the manufacturer as the “most dynamically capable, performance-focussed sports car” that they’ve ever unleashed.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe Rear - Surf4cars

Not that the topless F-Type isn’t already thrilling. But the extra rigidity offered by a fixed top should make it even sharper. And then there is that sleek silhouette to get excited about too; which will undoubtedly have E-Type Coupe aficionados nostalgic.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe Interior - Surf4cars

A hidden rear spoiler works to counter lift and the architecture of the Coupe is all-aluminium. One major gripe about the F-Type Roadster is its lack of carry space. Boot volume in the Coupe is a commodious 407 litres. Hardcore enthusiasts can also order carbon ceramic brakes, which are a full 21 kilograms lighter than the standard steel jobs.

Jaguar F-Type Headline - Surf4cars

The line-up remains the same as it is with the Roadster. You can have the standard V6 (250kW and 450Nm), the V6 S (280kW and 460Nm) or the ballsiest V8 with 405kW and 680Nm under your right foot.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe Left - Surf4cars

For Jaguar’s home market of Britain, pricing has already been announced. They’ll be paying £51 235 (R835 458) for the standard V6, the V6 S goes for £60 235 (R982 216) and the V8 is priced at £85 000 (R1 386 044). So it’s not too far off pricing for the Roadster in South Africa.