The Jaguar East Rand is an elegant dealership, with vehicles beautifully arranged across their showroom floor. Upon entry, you are greeted not only by their impressive array of automobiles but by a welcoming team of staff, available to cater to your every requirement.

In focus, is the new Jaguar E-Pace. As a brand that exudes luxury and sophistication – the launch of the newest member of the Jaguar SUV family certainly had me eager with anticipation for my latest test drive. And joining me is the dealership’s obliging and equally enthusiastic Sales Executive, Nicholas Grobler.

Let me set up the scene…imagine being invited to an exclusive red-carpet event, adorned in designer apparel and decked out with the latest and most beautiful jewels to match. Cameras flashing and an audience screaming your name in awe….

Well, experiencing this beauty firsthand was as exhilarating – an exterior design reflective of distinction, bold and purposeful; with interior features and accessories that are modern and practical without compromising on high quality design. A head turner in traffic and definitively awe-inspiring.

The E-Pace was specifically designed to have a dynamic attitude – a design concept directly inspired by the Jaguar F-Type sports car. Space, safety and practicality are key elements, yet the exterior reigns power, masculinity and elegance. The J-Blade LED daytime running lights and honeycomb mesh grille give this model its sharp, signature expression. The Adaptive Cruise Control sensors are concealed by the 3D chamfering detail in the honeycomb mesh grille, asserting its sleek appearance.

Though this derivative was Corris Grey, there are eleven different colours to choose from in the range – making this the ultimate customisable compact SUV out there.

This vehicle radiates eminence as you enter, with the wraparound nature of this impressive cockpit immediately commanding attention. Inspired by a race circuit, the dashboard is bulky, without being awkward, yet sleek and well-situated. The dash has a strong connection to the doors of the vehicle, another design feature reflective of the Jaguar F-Type sports car. The 10-inch touch screen infotainment system and sharp curvatures around the steering wheel and on the cluster add to the eye-catching characteristics of the interior.

Driver engagement is promoted with the sporty gear shifter and drive mode selector. Superior leather, soft-trimmed door casings and satin chrome door handles further enhance the E-Pace driving experience. Practicality is highlighted in this five-seater with a substantial 577-litre luggage space, 8.42-litre center console stowage compartment and a lockable 10.07-litre glovebox.

Jaguar also provides its customers with “SOS” and “mechanical assistance” buttons located on the center light switch. At any given time with the touch of a button, this conveniently provides all E-Pace owners with free emergency or mechanical assistance (within warranty which spans 5 years or 100 000kms).

The drive is, as expected, delightfully smooth and silent. Take off has no lag and acceleration is swift, yet controllable. Adaptive cruise control, blind spot assist and high-speed emergency braking reinforces a feeling of safety and comfort.

A feature I rather appreciated was the seat adjustment memory that can save up to four peoples’ seating preferences. Adjust your seat, press the “memory” button located on your door and select a number between one and four – it really is that simple! This is also incredibly convenient for when everyone is begging to drive your E-Pace – you can easily revert to your own seat setting, that is of course if you’re willing to part with this beauty.

I would certainly recommend this compact SUV to those who enjoy luxury, sportiness, comfort, safety and practicality in their vehicle. Jaguar has really gone the extra mile to ensure convenience in this model. Rear traffic monitors, park assist and a 360˚ parking aid ensure so you can park anywhere with confidence.

After sales include a 5-year/100 000km service plan, 5-year/100 000km maintenance plan and 5-year/100 000km warranty plan.

Visit Jaguar East Rand and drive off in style with your very own E-Pace today. Speak to the highly qualified sales team and get the best possible deal on any Jaguar or Land Rover.

By Inge Stols

Editor: Kersh Moodley