Every morning it’s the same routine, jump in my car, put my playlist on shuffle and get my day started. I cannot be the only one who has a set morning routine. How many of you have a certain way of doing things in the morning that rarely ever changes? Whether it’s getting the kids ready and dropping them off at school before work or being on the road in the early hours of the morning trying to avoid the morning traffic.

My routine specifically involves me getting into my car at 06h15. I usually listen to the radio for about 15 minutes while I try amp myself up for the day ahead. Now the problem with the radio is right in the middle of your favorite song, the deejay will jump in and start talking about the upcoming news headlines. That is when I switch to my “Traffic playlist”. Now I have about 5 of these on my phone so the one I decide to play always goes according to what mood I am in.

Each playlist starts off with a gospel song (you have to say your morning prayers), so I get a chance to slip in my little prayer in the peace and quiet of my car in the morning as I drive off. Once the first song is done the party starts. I enjoy the summertime because then I get to roll my windows down and sing along at the top of my voice-at which point everyone in the cars driving next to me is probably wondering what is going on or gives an awkward nod and smile.

I usually throw in a few dance moves here and there but the safety belt is usually very restricting so I have mastered the art of dancing with my fingers. People driving past usually burst out in laughter when I pull out my finger moves and each time the traffic clogs up it gives my spectators a chance to hear what song I am jamming to. I’ve had a few actually try hold their phones out and try Shazam through the window.

I have been doing this for as long as I have been driving, in the beginning the loud music was to calm me down because I was a new driver and my nerves were through the roof, but now it’s become a part of getting my day started and setting my mood for the day.

So whether its to take your mind off the traffic, to set your mood or just to get you ready for everything that you are going to have to deal with in that day, we all tend to create a safe haven for ourselves in the comfort of our cars. What’s yours?

By Noni Nchwe