Honda has taken the phrase, “my Schwartz is bigger than yours,” to an entirely new level….

The story dates back to May 2015: when the Honda Civic Type R was crowned the new front-wheel drive King of the Ring.  Then in October 2016,  the Germans responded with the VW Gti Clubsport S and smashed that lap time record.

This sparked an international incident among JDM fans, who demanded retribution…Honda vowed revenge. Two years later, they got their revenge. On April 3rd, 2017, Honda

returned to the Green Hell, this time with the updated 5th generation Civic Type R, amped with more Kilowatts…more handling agility and more blood thirsty than ever. The Civic Type R reclaimed its crown as the undefeated, undisputed King of the Ring – setting a new lap time record of 07:43.8. That is six seconds faster than the Gti Clubsport S, and seven seconds faster than the previous Type R lap record.

Inspired but unsatisfied with their 2017 Nurburgring Nordschleife lap record victory, Honda are putting the proverbial final nail in the coffin: they want to further cement the Type R’s dominance on other iconic European racetracks – by setting new benchmark lap records. Honda’s squadron of racecar drivers are all podium finishers. Among them is former Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button – who currently races for Honda in the NSX Super GT series. Also, included in the driver line-up is World Touring Race Car drivers Tiago Monteiro (Portugal), Esteban Guerrieri(Argentina) and NSX Super GT star Bertrand Baguette(Belgium). The Type R Time-Attack will include famous racetracks like Silverstone,(UK), Spa-Francochamps,(Belgium), Monza,(Italy), Autodromo Fernando Pires da Silva,(Portugal) and the Hungaroring,(Hungary) – and the roster of racetracks and racecar drivers is growing.

The first Type R Time-Attack challenge dated back to 1997, however, it was not an initiative of Honda Japan themselves. Instead, a posse of professional drivers took the iconic Integra Type R on a track tour of nine European racetracks – it was the first time the Integra Type R saw a racetrack outside of Japan. Only ten years later in 2016, did Honda launch a similar program, called the Honda Type R Time-Attack Challenge 2016 – which took place on five historic European racetracks. Honda will reveal the 2018 Time-Attack Civic Type R at this year’s Geneva Motor Show – starts on March 8th until March 18th.


By Dean Joseph