Although essential product stores may be open during lockdown for vital products, most people are staying indoors. This would mean for most people that their car would remain parked for a few weeks. However, particularly if it is an older model, you do need to maintain your car.

These are critical times, and this cannot be denied. We must remain inside our homes with COVID-19, or the latest coronavirus pandemic that puts the nation at risk, and frankly, it is for our gain. This lethal virus can be controlled by propagation. But this duration of winter could take a toll on your four- or two-wheeler if it’s not used to being parked for such a long time. Therefore, here are some key tips and tricks during the lockdown for your car or motorcycle.

This also offers a great time to wash your car and give it a proper wax and polish. And with having to clean the interior, it will be a long time before you get bored. You’ll be pleased with your car too, because this is another perfect way to include the children and do something special with them. Only note that there are water restrictions, so be mindful of your use.

Park in a safe place, make sure your car is secured. Keep the car enclosed if you don’t have an enclosed car park. It protects against bird drops or intense sunlight, which can harm the paint. If your car is in open parking, it is necessary for you to remove leaves and flowers, as bacteria grow under flowers and leaves. Make sure you clean the cabin thoroughly. Do not leave any discarded things that could leave a negative feeling and even attract rodents in the vehicle.

Maintenance of batteries: While it may be safer to uninstall the whole battery, it also suffices to detach the terminal. Be sure you wear safety gear for your eyes and hands, and you have the right equipment for the job. You must always be careful. Always disconnect the negative terminal first, then the positive. After the terminals have been removed, the petroleum jelly rubber should not be covered in rust.

Remember to STAY INDOORS-for your own safety.

By Noni Nchwe