Kia Motors Centurion is an exciting dealership at the heart of Lazarus Motor Company in Centurion. As one of Kia’s best-selling models, the Picanto has evolved over time in an impressive way. Sales Executive, Alan Meiring accompanied me during my test drive of the 1.2 Smart.

This Picanto is the third in its generation, and upon closer inspection, it is obvious that the Picanto progresses significantly with every generation. The tiger-nosed grille and compact dimensions highlight the youthful, innovative and fun appearance that Kia sustains across their models. Not only does the Picanto have a smart look, but it also has a stronger body and a wheelbase increased by 15mm for the safety of everyone on board.

Kia incorporated their distinctive C-pillar design which gives the vehicle a more upright stance. This combined with the LED indicators and attractive Daytime Running Lights make it a head-turner in traffic. With the Picanto, you enjoy a great combination of a fun drive, charming good looks, fuel efficiency and safety that is essential for urban roads.

Although the exterior size affirms the hatchback form, the interior styling looks surprisingly like that of a crossover SUV. The trims and finishes are cutting-edge and sophisticated with a chrome-looking strip under the infotainment system – which is referred to as a floating human machine interface (HMI) and includes a 7-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth, AUX, USB and AM/FM radio. On the Smart derivative, a rear parking camera and sensors assist with distance control and easy and safe maneuvering of the vehicle when entering or exiting a parking bay.

A soft leather gear lever, leather steering wheel and cloth-leather combination seats, superbly enhance driving comfort. The trip computer modernises the cluster and is accessible through the multifunctional steering wheel.

Safety is one of the biggest adjustments in this Picanto. The body is fitted with Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) which provides remarkable firmness. Hot-Stamped Steel was used in central areas of the vehicle for optimal safety in the event of a collision. The braking system works together with the vehicle’s ABS and tyres for maximum stopping power and control.

The drive is rather comfortable and satisfying with adjustable seats and a gear lever ergonomically placed for ease and convenience. Highway driving proved equally pleasing as the Picanto’s 1.2-litre engine managed speed, stability and performance.

Included is a 5-year unlimited warranty plan and 3-year unlimited roadside assistance.

The Picanto is a wonderfully composed hatch with all the safety, technology and attractiveness you would want in a small car. Head to Kia Motors Centurion and speak to Sales Manager, Adele de Beer or Sales Executive, Alan Meiring to view their wide variety of funky hatchbacks!

By Inge Stols

Editor: Kersh Moodley