Kia Picanto: You’re Due for a Kia

Kia Picanto: You’re Due for a Kia

Why not have all the great features which more expensive cars have? Now you can have just that with the New Kia Picanto, Yes, the New Picanto, has technology that aims to please and offers some of the great features like, touchscreen infotainment, hands-free telephony and multiple USB ports.  Yes, prices have increased to accommodate this but you truly still don’t have to pay exorbitant prices to enjoy it.

The last generation Picanto was jazzy and trendy. It was reasonably priced, roomy for its class and you could connect your music device. The new generation Picanto has arrived and Kia SA says its new pride and joy is expecting to sell 650 units a month due to its extra features. The appearance has not changed dramatically but has certainly evolved in terms of its face lift, showcasing LED indicators and a much more sophisticated presence.

The Picanto boasts a tad bit more space, has a sportier look and with its slightly longer overhang at its rear it certainly adds to the size of the car. Not only does the passengers enjoy more room space, but the boot size has increased by about 25% which is a definite positive aspect to the Picanto lovers.

Longer springs have been adopted for a smoother ride, as well as tyres with a bit more bump-absorbing sidewalls than before. The wheels and tyres continue to be of mixed width, to help ensure a stability-enhancing handling.  City drivers are likely to appreciate the naturally high seating position, the clever use of its dashboard material and the surprisingly decent sense of space that’s afforded by the high roofline. The extra width will also be appreciated – especially if your companion has broad shoulders. There’s a certain amount of coziness especially if you wish to share the car with a much smaller occupant.

The car’s ability to nestle swiftly into very tight gaps ought not to be underestimated. Buyers, after all, expect the Picanto to be supremely controllable. However, where the best of the opposition combine their agility with a smug sense of can-do fun out of town, the Picanto still feels enthusiastic at speed.

Much of that is to do with the steering, which, although better weighted than its predecessors, is still utterly uncommunicative beyond very low speeds. Really though, it’s about the car’s distinctiveness: the unburdened rear end, the unweighted front and the lack of space between them.

It’s impossible to lean on any real confidence though, but it’s probably better anchored than it has ever been, is a pleasure to drive and the car still gets an impressive adequate and acceptable entrance into the market.

There are four model derivatives, and pricing starts at R134 995.

By Desh Pillay Bechan