The story has been trending all weekend and I am shocked to learn that the news is actually true and not just false news making the rounds on social media. Reports were made earlier this week of a Lamborghini URUS that was stolen in Bedfordview. Yes, you heard right, Lamborghini URUS.

The Team Trio Task Force took to social media with a “be on the lookout” post for the stolen luxury SUV. The post also advertised a R200 000 reward for anyone who had any information about the stolen vehicle.

Hearing of stolen cars has almost become a norm in South Africa but its very rare that we hear of a vehicle as unique as a Lamborghini getting stolen. There is only a handful of them in South Africa, so they tend to stick out like a sore thumb. I mean the stating price for one of these luxury SUVs is at R3.4 million for the base model. 

So how did these thieves pull off stealing a Lamborghini? Well, the alleged syndicates have been targeting luxury vehicle owners. They send out emails to the owners informing them that there has been a recall of the vehicle due to certain “factory faults”. In the email they make mention of a sales executive at the dealerships therefore giving their emails credibility and telling the client that a driver will be sent to pick the vehicle up. This has police officials wondering if any of the staff are in on these thefts or if the syndicate has some sort of access to the database system that is used by the dealership.

Officials have received word that the vehicle has been spotted in Mozambique. They are following up on all possible leads and it’s only a matter of time before the missing URUS is found because whoever has it, is a sitting duck!

This is the second incident to be reported that has taken place in Bedfordview while there have been another two unconfirmed reports of two other vehicles. The first vehicle is also said to be a URUS a yellow one. Other luxury brand vehicles that are said to be targeted are brands such as Range Rover Sport, Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes Benz and even Toyota Hilux bakkies.

Lamborghini SA has issued the following warning to customers which explains how the criminals work.

Dear Lamborghini Customer,

Lamborghini South Africa has just been informed of a new industry wide motor theft scam in which you may well be the next target!

A very sophisticated and well organized crime syndicate has begun targeting owners of high value cars, pretending to be employees of the Manufacturer/Dealership, and using intercepted email addresses or masked telephone numbers which display as a number of the Manufacturer/Dealership, informing the owner that their vehicle will be collected by the Manufacturer/Dealership for critical safety recall work to be carried out at one of their service centers.

These criminals may know your home or work address and will try to make arrangements to collect your Lamborghini from you for transport to your Lamborghini Dealership.


If you are contacted in this manner by anybody that you do not know personally, or in any manner that you find suspicious, IMMEDIATELY contact your Lamborghini Dealership, using an alternative email address, or by using the cell phone of someone that you trust, and report the incident to any Lamborghini employee that you know personally, or to the Service Manager or the Dealer Principal of any of our Lamborghini Dealerships.

We will either authenticate the original request or take the required action. 

Source: Wheels24

By Noni Nchwe