The Landrover Discovery has been a global success thanks to its superb capabilities and practical nature. Coupled with luxurious design and styling, the Discovery has come of age and peaked in the release of the Landrover Landmark. Landrover East Rand showcases this incredible vehicle, which is released in an exclusive finish called “Zanzibar” metallic; unique and distinctive, the Landmark stands out wherever it goes.

The familiar chiselled look of the Discovery has been amped up and polished for the Landmark derivative. With exclusive Bright Finish Full-Length roof rails and Narvik Black Mirror Caps, there is nothing about the Landmark that seeks to blend in with the crowd. Released with 20 inch split-spoke alloy wheels, really sexy fender vents that highlight the blackened grille, and an electric sunroof as standard, the Landmark is rugged, yet devastatingly gorgeous.

The interior continues on the distinctive, earthy-toned theme, with magnificent Windsor leather upholstery showing off a Tan, leather-wrapped interior, with Ebony fascia’s and door casings as a bonus. Ambient lighting sets the mood in the cabin, and brushed aluminium inserts along-side a leather wrapped steering wheel literally soak you in luxury. My favourite little bit of ostentatious luxury rests in the heated seats and incredible soft-touch leather finishes all around.

Adjusting the ride height to suit your need (or want), thanks to Electronic Air Suspension systems, the Landmark stands tall with a generally great ground clearance that is the first clue to this vehicles true potential. There is a marked sense of capability to this vehicle, and once behind the wheel and revving the potent 3 litre diesel engine, the true nature of this vehicle comes to the fore. The Terrain Response system works with All-Terrain Progress Control to autonomously maintain optimal crawl speed whilst the driver maintains focus on negotiating tough, obstacle-laced off-road paths.

Urban driving is made all the more effortless through countless intelligent systems such as Park Assist (front and rear), Blind Sport Monitor and Assist, Lane Keep Assist, Closing Vehicle Sensing, Advanced Trailer Assist (literally making hitching, towing and reversing with a trailer or caravan a one-man job), and a whole host more – incidentally, these systems also add to the myriad of safety features that make this vehicle one of the safest on the road.

The powerful 3 litre Diesel engine produces a gut-busting 600 Nm torque and yet tops the fuel efficiency charts in this segment at only around 8 litres per 100 kilometres in combined cycles. For such a monstrous, heavy vehicle, this engine proves to be an effortless drive, light to the touch and with superb weight distribution that makes urban driving (and overtaking) an absolute breeze.

There are essays to write about the true capabilities of this vehicle, which so effectively masquerades as a luxury SUV but boasts a powerhouse, off-roading beast beneath the surface. The motto for the Discovery Landmark is “Upgrade your adventures to first class”, and there is no better summary than that. What a ride!


By Desh Bechan