In late 2015, BMW Group South Africa made the announcement that the BMW Production plant in Rossyln would be upgraded to the tune of R6 billion in order to prepare for the production of the now-popular BMW X3. Two years later in early October 2017, BMW group made the announcement that they would be striving to increase production at their Rosslyn manufacturing plant by ploughing R160 million into the facility. With the aim to increase production capacity to total 76 000 units, this speaks of an almost 10% increase in production.

The financial input into the plant is aimed at upgrading infrastructure in the largest single upgrade in the history of the facility, which will include upskilling staff in the latest trends to keep up with technological advances. Furthermore, the plan to develop local suppliers and strategies will be part of this massive upgrade, as well as investments by BMW Group South Africa in several local business areas. This follows on with BMW Group South Africa’s statement, which indicates their love for the country in which they have invested nearly 45 years’ worth of motoring contributions, and in celebration hereof, will be laying out plans to uplift the country and its people.

The expansion of the BMW Group’s Rosslyn plant is not the only change that will occur locally. The expansion of BMW’s Midrand Headquarters and the massive growth of their regional parts warehouse is also being facilitated. Similarly, the BMW local Information Technology function is being doubled to keep up with the digitalisation of the global markets, which implies much more available employment at ground level, catering for almost 800 staff members.

Having followed trends closely during the last few years, it is evident that BMW remains a hugely popular brand both in this country and abroad. With the BMW X-range accounting for more than 30% of global BMW sales. The implications of this increase in production and brand growth is that the BMW X3 which is proudly produced in South Africa will not only be feeding the local market, but will also be exported to Europe, with another production plant in Spartanburg, USA doing the same.


By Desh Bechan