Back at Mazda East Rand premises in Boksburg, the Mazda BT 50 was on show boasting the generous 3-year unlimited kilometer warranty Mazda is known for, together with various great specials on both new and used vehicles that you can view @ Mazda East Rand. The team at this dealership showed great hospitality and were most accommodating during my time there, reminding me that the brand’s reputation of reliability and service excellence is well deserved.

My first impressions of this sleek double cab centered on it’s gorgeous aesthetics – with smooth lines and pleasing curves, and just the right amount of sporty-touches added to it, this 4×4 definitely appeals to the authoritative driver who also enjoys the finer things in life. The Mazda BT 50 is definitely lovely to look at, and presents itself as a great combination of a traditional bakkie and classic SUV; sitting inside the luxurious cabin, one could almost forget the presence of the voluminous load-box and powerful towing capacity in the vehicle design.

Interior finishes are classy and lend itself to convenience. The driver is treated to audio controls in the steering, Bluetooth, rear-view camera and cruise-control that will most assuredly make long-trips a breeze or take your mind of city driving conditions. Sitting high, coupled with the seamless transmissions of a 6-speed automatic gearbox, gave me a sense of powerful control that was underscored by the vehicles quick responsiveness and potent take-off speed.

The 3.2 litre turbodiesel engine provides an impressive 470 NM pulling power that will definitely make towing and carrying heavy loads a breeze. This vehicle clearly has power and gives a formidable impression of strength and capability, both on urban roads as well as rougher terrain. Together with its Electronic Stabilisation Programme, this vehicle’s traction control and standard safety features (totaling 6 airbags) provide the driver with a feeling of confidence and security.

Despite the formidable engine and its throaty rumble, the drive inside is relatively quiet with minimal vibrations, and fuel consumption averages about 9.7 litres to 100 kilometers in general traffic conditions. There is sufficient leg room and head room for passengers and driver alike, and during test-drive, felt equally as comfortable as the average sedan. I would also venture to guess that with additional load in the rear box, the vehicle would be even more effortless to drive.

Upon exit of the vehicle, I noted the appealing level of ground clearance together with a general sense of stability and gravity from this vehicles performance. Its sturdy design would fare excellently on any off-road adventure, and has sufficient wading depth to tackle mud beds and rivers with ease.

Desh Bechan