It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Mazda Clearwater stands out from the rest again. A few months ago, they showcased their rare one of a kind Mazda 3 Hatch that came in the Deep Crystal Blue and they reveal another unique gem-the BOSS BT-50 LIMITED EDITION. And yes, it is exclusive to Mazda Clearwater.

The BOSS edition can be done onto any spec Mazda BT-50 including the 3.2 4×4. Mazda Clearwater has decided to modify their 2.2 SLE Auto 4×2.

So, if you want to drive around like a BOSS then this is definitely the car for you. The modifications include BFGoodrich tyres, an upgraded Navigation system, Tonneu Cover Rubberizing and a BOSS Edition Kit to the value of R60 000. The kit includes Black Kit on side mirrors and door handles, black side steps and a roll bar-impressive right?

Now here’s the catch, this vehicle is EXCLUSIVE to Mazda Clearwater and can ONLY be purchased from their dealership. I’ll bet my bottom dollar it will be worth the drive! Mazda Clearwater has taken your average BT-50 and elevated it giving owners the opportunity to experience premium driving.

By Noni Nchwe.