In one of my previous articles, I made reference to the fact that I was “born into a Mazda family” – literally, as a youngster and now as a married woman, I find myself surrounded by Mazda fans. I love being able to say that because it is so symbolic of me finding my passion within the motoring industry. Most especially with such an incredible brand, Mazda is always a pleasure for me to review.

Popping in at Mazda Germiston is something I always look forward to where Dealer Principal Raymond Visagie has invited me to review some stunning vehicles in the last while. Having more than twenty-three years of industry experience, Raymond is one of the few people who can claim brand loyalty of over two decades. Right from the start of the Dealership in Germiston, Raymond has been there, and notes that his motivation and inspiration is linked to the legacy of the brand, which is firmly founded in an incredible understanding of the importance of relationships. Not only does Raymond believe it is imperative to build solid client-relationships, but he also believes in supporting and investing in the staff at the dealership itself. Most of the people working at Mazda Germiston  have been working together for between five and ten years, and is clearly an environment that encourages loyalty and commitment. Raymond proudly notes that the people that make up the Mazda team are both the reason for the dealership’s great success, as well as the reason he is so passionate about what he does.

Charismatic Sales Executive Devi Ramrattan, who also has many years of experience on hand presents such great confidence and passion for the products she presents, and truly believes that the high-quality Mazda products speak for themselves. With the all-new and incredibly attractive new range of vehicles, Devi feels that Mazda is on the front lines with other leading brands, taking the lead in the value-for-money department, thanks to the release of vehicles with a host of incredible features as standard. Noting that her personal favourite vehicle is the CX 3, Devi is eager to show me what this vehicle is capable of.

The Mazda CX 3 2.0 litre Individual Auto is, without a doubt, one of the best-looking crossover SUV’s on the market. As mentioned in the past, I am a fan of the new Mazda signature grille, and the sleek and shapely curves of this car are perfectly proportioned to encapsulate the concept of an SUV crossover. On the inside, the CX 3 boast high-end finishes and some great leather inlays, colour-coded accents that touch on the vehicles sporty-personality, as well as a lovely circular-design theme which blends in beautifully.

In the driver’s seat, I note there is more than ample head and leg room, and the seat itself is one of the best I have sat in, in terms of comfort and support. The dash is an aesthetic dream, with a 7-inch infotainment screen at centre-stage, and the rest of the dashboard laid out ergonomically. All controls are easy to reach and easy to understand, and I find the adjustable steering wheel makes me feel fully in control once seated.

Mazda has shown impressive consistency in terms of safety features on their vehicles; the new CX 3 range is no difference and possesses advanced safety features that have been noted on a global level for their innovation. This includes Smart City Brake Support, Adaptive LED Headlights, Lane Departure Warning, Driver Attention Alert and Blind Spot Monitoring, all of which promotes driver-focus and safe driving. Six airbags, ventilated disc brakes, ABS/EBD, Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (and a host of other impressive abbreviated features to add to this list) all come together to complete my checklist for a vehicle of above-average safety standards.

On start up, the CX 3 gives a nice surge of power (the sound of which is effectively dampened in the cabin, I must note) coming from the 2.0 litre, four-cylinder engine. Naturally aspirated, the engine cranks out a pleasing 115 kW and 204 Nm of power to the front wheels. Boasting a 6-speed automatic gearbox, the CX 3 shifts through gear changes with ease and minimal fuss, making it one of the slicker gearboxes I have reviewed thus far. Engine efficiency is maximised and fuel-consumption reduced through the brilliance of Mazda’s Skyactiv Technology, and Devi notes that as a result, the CX 3 has proven to be an affordable vehicle to drive.

Driving the CX 3 is a pleasant, smooth and hassle-free experience, with the vehicle showing superb handling and great feedback from the electric power steering. A nice sense of gravity creates the feeling of solid road-holding ability, and both bumper-to-bumper traffic and open freeway were a pleasure to navigate.

Mazda is a brand that has shown great innovation and expansion recently, and – as Devi notes is the reason for her involvement in the industry – the growth of safe, reliable and efficient vehicles at affordable price, remains their philosophy. Devi believes it is the combination of great service and quality products which has spread around the local community through word of mouth, that has lead to the great reputation this delightful Dealership.

Mazda Germiston showcases the CX 3 with starting price from R287 900 for the CX 3 Active, R314 000 for the CX 3 Dynamic and R369 100 for the CX 3 Individual. For more info, visit the Dealership online at Mazda Germiston


By Desh Bechan