I recently had the pleasure of taking the four-cylinder CX-5 2.0 litre petrol Dynamic for a spin. The brand-new Mazda CX-5 can be classed as a medium SUV and complies closely with its popular original but slightly refines its formula with a more spacious, quieter and more comfortable design with embellished handling. Fitted with keyless entry technology and the push to start function, it is the definition of new age.

I was particularly impressed with the fitted Bose sound system with easily accessible analogue and digital radio, Bluetooth connectivity, Aux and USB inputs in the front and in the backseat arm rests for your travel companions. These wonderful features guarantee you a live surround sound show in traffic, and all is easily controllable from a 7-inch touch screen that supports all smartphone pairing.

The petrol engines are very fuel efficient with the stop-start technology which automatically stops the engine when you stop the car and starts it up again as soon as you lift your foot off the pedal. The 2.0 litre engine is available in both a 6-speed automatic or manual gearbox. The automatic seems to be a favorite across the board according to the salesman who assisted me though, it seems potential buyers enjoy the comfort and multiple features of the brand new CX-5 so much that they do not want to have to worry about changing gears.

The new Mazda CX-5 boasts a new and improved interior design with classier looking materials and a more clean-cut presentation. The seats offer comfortable body support and are easily adjustable with electric handles too switch up, down, back or forward. The steering wheel is also easily adjustable to suit your height and for your driving pleasure.

Getting back to the dealership I got to put the reverse camera to the test. The CX-5 is fully equipped with a reverse camera, rear parking sensors and rear cross traffic alert. This function allows you to look on either side behind you when reversing and alerts you if a car is coming.

Coupled with all the new improvements and features is the broad boot space. The boot comes with a height memory setting function. So you can set the boot to remember your height each time it opens, that way you are not jumping up and down to try reach the boot in order to try and close it once you are done loading or offloading your car.

With all its new and updated specs, the new Mazda CX-5 would make an ideal “mommy wagon” or a stylish family car without losing its elegant touch. It offers great driving comfort and speed and would be optimal for those long family vacation drives.

By Noni Nchwe