Mazda CX-5 updated: Drive like a Man, Act like a Lady

Mazda CX-5 updated: Drive like a Man, Act like a Lady

Mazda Eastrands’ New Car Sales Executive Awie Greyling, knew exactly what he was talking about when he introduced the new Mazda CX-5 to me.   Since Mazda has been a brand of passion and I have a personal connection with Mazda, I wondered if a new body, cabin and more tech and refinement was enough to keep the CX-5 ahead of the mid-size SUV pack.

It’s a new crossover and should be appreciated as a medium – sized SUV, which is a rival for the likes of Volkswagen Tiguan and BMW X1 among others. It’s built on the same basic platform as the five-year-old car it replaces. The wheelbase is the same, but it’s 10mm longer, 35mm lower and much sharper-looking thanks to the taillights and a longer bonnet and wider grille. No doubt, for me, the latestvCX-5 is a good-looking machine and he certainly does more than anything else in its class.

There is much more boot space and with its easy levered drop down seats, I think it could serve as an incredibly quite comfortable place for the reserved child to sit in. I don’t think Mazda overlooked their dynamics for which they are famous for, but in the case of the CX-5 their focus was very much on all-round refinement, which is why this beauty is a Natural Sound Smoother reducing noise and vibration at idle & low revs.

I spent a few days in the  petrol version and appreciated the lack of weight and the  solidity which made  it most fun to drive, ahemmm… couldn’t help wanting a turbo charger 😉. Sure enough though considering its stature, the CX-5 handles very well. Compact steering, consistently weighted and a commendable body-control, decent ride-quality and loads of grip. it’s right up there with the Discovery Land Rover and Range Rover, of which I recently test drove. Like the old CX-5, the new one is spacious and comfortable. The design in my opinion is sporty in an alluringly exquisite manner.  The 7in infotainment screen that protrudes from the top of the dash, aluminium-look air vents and trim strip across basically its entire width, makes the entire front view feel much more modern. I got to drive top of the range CX-5, the interior materials were as Mazda promised, attractive and comfortable, and everything simply felt like it should.

Power packed with the latest in-car technology, exquisite leather trim and a crystal-clear HUD, all-In-all it’s a nice place to be in. With comfy seats, a peaceful aura and plenty of storage space, Mazda has confirmed that comfort and style can be achieved. Even though this SUV can effortlessly convert itself into a spacious utility Van, Mazda claimed that all new models are more fuel efficient and I can certainly vouch for that.

Be it “born-in-the-’80s” beneath the shadows of nostalgia or just my strange obsession for the brand, Mazda remains immensely practical and somewhat a dependable tool for managing a busy domestic, and work life. This suburban special since decades ago, has outlived the best of the best and we might have thought that with new arrivals it would put a halt to Mazda’s success, but here we are in 2017 with the new Mazda CX-5 and many more surprises ahead to arrive at Mazda Eastrand dealership.

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By Desh Pillay Bechan