When Haval entered the South African market many of you didn’t believe in the brand, firstly because it was unproven, but also because it’s Chinese – shame on you! Truthfully, I was one of these sceptics, but it’s safe to say that the brand has proven itself here in Mzansi as it has in China. They’re the leading Chinese brand in SA and have taken a big leap and launched what’s called the Jolion.

For those still mulling over the name, Jolion means “first love” and considering the work that the Chinese company has put into the new SUV, it must be their first love. We all know that the SUV market is booming and it’s because of car buyers like yourself who love these big and sometimes spacious vehicles. Haval has a few Sport Utility vehicles in their range and the new Jolion joins the line-up replacing the H5.


This is where the Haval Jolion grabs an audience. It’s bold in design and makes you sit up and take notice. Interestingly, the individual behind this design is Phil Simmons, the former designer at Land Rover. He’s the man responsible for sketching attractive car designs like that of the Range Rover Velar and the latest crop of vehicles from the British manufacturer. Since joining Haval, Simmons has led the charge in birthing what is arguably the most striking car to come out of Haval since they landed here.


Although we haven’t put our bums on any of the Jolion’s seats to witness the interior, reliable sources say that it’s a well-built space with quality finishes utilized. One thing we have picked up on is Simmons’ influence on the inside of this car. In place of the conventional gearshift selector, automatic variants of the Jolion make use of a rotary style selector, like the Land Rover vehicles Simmons was responsible for designing. Haval has given the Jolion a 12.3-inch infotainment screen and a virtual instrument cluster, the latter of which can be configured in three different ways. Other features include a heads-up display, cruise control, hill assist, collision mitigation and rear PDC. Mind you, these are all standard regardless of the Jolion variant you opt for. Go Jolion!

Haval Jolion Price

If the above has impressed you and left you feeling a bit jolly, wait until you hear the price of this SUV. Yes, the brand is still growing here in SA, but they’ve been around long enough that we can trust them, and if you’re not badge or brand conscious, you can have a Haval Jolion for as little as R299 900. See the price list below for the complete range.

1.5 MT City                                           R299 900

1.5 MT Luxury                                     R332 900

1.5 7-DCT Premium                            R339 900

1.5 7-DCT Luxury                                R367 900

1.5 7-DCT Super Luxury                    R398 900

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