The French are clearly taking the competition in the Hatchback segment very seriously; with the launch of the new Renault Megane recently, it was evident to one and all that with this out-of-this-world design, Renault were putting their foot quite solidly down. At Group 1 Renault the Glen, I was introduced to this dynamic vehicle recently, and have to say – at the outset – that it is pretty darn impressive!

Easily one of the best-looking hatchbacks on the market at the moment, the Megane has been given a serious facelift; the styling and design of the vehicle is almost flawless, and the sexy, sleek look of the car is definitely drawing attention across the nation. Corné from Group 1 Renault the Glen, with a grin tells me that (although being a bit biased in working for the brand), the Megane is an absolute showstopper. Being proud to represent such an incredible vehicle, and the brand alike, Corné emphatically states that the Megane can easily compete with vehicles in the luxury car segment.

I cannot wait to find out if this is true, and as I set off on my test drive, have to unapologetically admit that I loved the look and feel of the vehicle – despite finding the bucket seats a tad uncomfortable. The sporty look of the interior gives you a sense of excitement, and I note the effort of the designers in giving the cabin a decidedly high-end feel. I love the racy stitching on the upholstery and the well-laid out dashboard and instrument cluster. The infotainment system also boasts (free!) satellite navigation which is set-up via Renault’s R-link (which Corné claims is a step up from the normal Sat Nav in other brands). I find this to be user-friendly and easy to grasp, and am able to enjoy the light, responsive drive of the car as I make my way through heated Johannesburg traffic.

It is clear to me that the technology present in the Megane is, as Corné suggested, state-of-the-art, and although the vehicle can seemingly do everything short of make me a cappuccino, there is clearly no lack of features or accessories in this gorgeous Hatch. The 1.2 litre EDC engine provides suitable power for me to feel a bit like a racer, but also uses quite a bit of fuel in the process. Although this is to be expected from the likes of such sporty cars, I feel the nippy, reactive drive is pretty much worth it.

Group 1 Renault the Glen is currently showcasing this vehicle on promotion, and is worth checking out. Click the link for more information: Group 1 Renault the Glen


By Desh Bechan