Mercedes-Benz has geared up with the new SL 400 AMG Line. It has not only received some aesthetic updates, it has been given a new six-cylinder bi-turbo drive system.

sl 400 amg line 5

It keeps to the famed AMG styling in the front, rear and side skirts. It incorporates a classic sports grille. It has slanting headlamps which come standard with the Intelligent Light System – which means that have five different lighting functions. It has some sporty accents added onto the body to emphasize its sporty nature. The curved sidelights and the horizontal strip of the daytime running lamps in the far ends of the bumper feature LED technology.

sl 400 amg line 2

The interior of the SL 400 AMG incorporates sporty seats and an AMG sports steering wheel in black leather.

sl 400 amg line 4

The whole line will come standard with the ECO start/stop function. The SL 400 AMG has a power output of 245 kW and 480 Nm of torque. The SL 400 V6 engine boasts a six-cylinder unit with two turbochargers.

sl 400 amg line 3

The SL 400 AMG Line is introduced at R1 212 600 inclusive of VAT.