The revival of British brand MG was marked by the launch of the MG6. We deemed it a decent package when we tested it early in 2012; but its gluey interior smell and scratchy components hinted to the marque’s Chinese affiliation more than buyers would have wanted.

Now they’ll be bringing the compact MG3 to our shores. Whether it has the right stuff to tackle fellow British revival icon, the Mini remains to be seen. It looks funky and stylish, which is what B-segment buyers want.


Power will come from a 78kW engine and there are four models in the range. It has a 137Nm torque output and promises a 0-100km/h acceleration time of around 10 seconds and a top speed of 175km/h.

MG says standard equipment will be plentiful – and that can be believed, given the MG6’s generous kit. It’ll have LED daytime running lights and the usual array of safety gear you expect from a car in 2013. And interior space is purported to be “best in class”.


The automaker will unveil its new baby at the Johannesburg International Motor Show in October.