No matter how skilled someone is at driving a car, there is a possibility that they have made at least one or two of the mistakes listed below, while others throw caution to the wind with their dangerous driving style.

Here are some common errors:

Tyre pressure

You should check your car’s tyre pressure regularly – especially before long trips or changes in weather or altitude, to avoid blowouts or losing control of the vehicle.

Driving through water

Trying to drive through too much water is not only dangerous but can also cause extreme damage to your car. Even so-called “all-terrain” SUVs are inclined to float down the road in the event of flash flooding.

Misadjusting mirrors

The rear-view mirror should have a full view of the back window when moving just your eyes, not your head. Both of the side mirrors should also be pointed wide enough to view any potential blind spots, just barely showing the side of your vehicle.

Driving slowly

Regular highway drivers all know how frustrating it is to get stuck behind a driver in the right-hand lane, who is not only going slower than the maximum speed limit, but even slower than the minimum limit. The right-hand lane is meant for those travelling quickly, and slower drivers are simply unaware of this rule. Without realising it, they are endangering the lives of other motorists.

Speeding up

We should all be aware that the orange light is there to signal us to slow down, but often drivers will speed up to avoid being help up at the traffic light. This is one of the major causes of collisions at intersections.

By Wanita Wallace