As one of my “heart brands”, Mitsubishi is always a brand I love writing about; flowing from this is the incredibly welcoming, hospitable and knowledgeable team at Mitsubishi East Rand that never fails to increase my passion for the brand.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Kobus Jacobs, the Branch Manager and Dealer Principal at Mitsubishi East rand. With a whopping thirty years of experience in the motoring industry, Kobus has literally followed his dreams and passion from a very young age. Believing that you only get one chance to make the decision to pursue your passions, Kobus has worked his way through the ranks of some impressive brands who clearly identified his potential and encouraged him to further his studies in Management; as a result, Kobus has spent the last three decades doing what he loves. Having experienced what it is like to be a sales man, a service manager and a dealer principal in this industry, Kobus believes he has found his niche in his appreciation for the Mitsubishi brand, and clearly brings a host of skills and talents to the table.

With the Dealership’s solid, positive reputation in the local community, Kobus attributes their good name to the belief that trust relationships must be established throughout the Dealership and the customers around them. Believing that everyone working at the Dealership forms part of a special family who work closely together and spend a great deal of time with each other, the importance of growing and investing in his staff form part of his core plan in order to equip and build an effective, efficient and reliable team. Taking it one step further, Kobus believes that the custom also forms part of this family and must be included; this also extends to their input about the functioning of the Dealership in any shape or form, and he emphasises the importance of feedback in terms of adapting and catering to customer needs. The fact that this Dealership have repeat clients from other provinces (some who drive from the Free State just to service their vehicle with Kobus’ team) is a solid indication of the good name this Dealership has established

Releasing the Mitsubishi ASX to me for review is the knowledgeable and confident Sales Executive, Shane Walters. With four years of experience and loyalty to the Mitsubishi brand, Shane makes no qualms about noting that after 18 years in the general industry, and through many top brands that he has represented, Mitsubishi is where he will stay. The level of service and quality of products this brand offers is, as Shane believes, on a completely different level, and is what he is proud to represent. His own family drive Mitsubishi vehicles, and his wife’s ten year old Mitsubishi Lancer is still running smoothly with no problems with almost 250 000 kilometres on the clock. As a prime example of the quality of vehicle Mitsubishi offers, Shane notes with a confident smile that not only will I fall in love with the ASX he is releasing to me, but is willing to bet I will want to buy one for myself!

Excited at this level of confidence, I approach the ASX with Shane in tow; handing me over to Jaco Odendaal (a familiar face in the Dealership whom I have had the pleasure of meeting before), I am given the low-down on this beautiful, sleek-yet-solid looking SUV crossover. The abbreviation ASX is derived from the idea of having an “Active Smart Crossover” vehicle that has been designed to marry comfortable sedan driving with off-roading capabilities. I particularly like the look of the ASX with its bold and defined grille, powerful haunches and pleasing shape. Chrome-ringed lights give it a slightly cheeky look, and the inside is more of the same, much to my delight.

The first thing that catches my eye is the incredibly beautiful full-length panoramic roof that draws even more space and light into the cabin. The rest of the cabin is elegant and well-laid out, uncluttered and stylish with soft-touch finishes and a gorgeous leather interior. My guides, Jaco and Shane, note that both front seats are heated and the driver’s seat can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences with ease. The multi-function steering wheel feels solid in my hands and with the host of standard features including rain sensors, automatic wipers and lights, reverse camera and parking sensors, the ASX is bound to make my drive easy. Shane emphasises that the interior of the vehicle is also designed with safety in mind, and – earning a 5 Star NCap rating – the ASX comes standard with 7 airbags (including knee and curtain airbags) in order to protect you and your loved ones.

Speaking of family, the ASX seems to be the perfect vehicle for your whole clan; with a 442 litre boot that can easily be extended to accommodate 1193 litres by folding down the back seats, the ASX is definitely not short on space. Shane notes that he once delivered an ASX to Durban, packed full with passengers, who commented when exiting the vehicle that the drive was smooth and comfortable for them, even in the rear. Although the ASX is not released standard with SAT NAV, this variant is released with a stunning Rockford Fosgate sound system that – as always – speaks to my Indian nature and really ticks my boxes in terms of entertainment levels.

With regards to power and engine performance, the variant I am driving has a naturally aspirated 2-litre petrol engine that works really well with the gear ratios on the 5-speed manual to be efficient, yet effective, in terms of drive. Producing 110 Kw power and 197 Nm torque, the ASX has been known to average between 7.5 and 8 litres to every 100 kilometres. Shane notes that on some of his trips to the Vaal with the ASX, he managed 6.9 litres to 100 kilometres, which is quite impressive to say the least.

Driving the ASX is wonderful; the vehicle feels solid and well grounded, holding its own on the road with a sense of confidence that makes me feel safe and capable as a driver too. It is delightfully manoeuvrable despite its size, and even though I feel it is more suited to gracing urban roads due purely to its beauty, the ASX seems to be a capable off-roader too.

Back at the Dealership, my hosts inform me that the ASX is supported by a 3 year / 100 000 kilometre warranty, and with a starting price of R414 900, the ASX is growing in popularity. Mitsubishi East Rand also promote their exceptional Part department and Workshop, where the relevant teams work together to ensure the client’s needs are always met. Kobus, Dealer Principal, notes to me that he is also focussed on receiving feedback from customers, be it positive or negative, but is proud to note that the overwhelming majority of this feedback acknowledges the hard work and client-focussed service which Mitsubishi East Rand offers. Also boasting in-house financing services and accessories relating to personalisation of your vehicle, Mitsubishi East Rand is the full package in terms of dealer services.

Looking forward to a great year for the brand, Kobus mysteriously also hints at two exciting new releases that are in the pipeline, with one scheduled for this coming month, and the second new release due in the third quarter. I can barely contain me excitement, and look forward to bringing you more news in this regard, in the near future!

For more information, click on this link to visit this dedicated dealership: Mitsubishi East Rand


By Desh Bechan