Mokka: An SUV for everyone

Mokka: An SUV for everyone

Chris Rothman, new car sales manager at GM Woodmead says “Opel customers can expect the same quality of aftersales support and no changes to existing warranties,” “We will ensure that our customers receive outstanding sales and aftersales support as we continue to further grow in the South African market.” GM Woodmead proudly boasts the new Opel Mokka X 1.4 Turbo Cosmo auto. Opel has been one of South Africa’s favorite car brands for decades, with a presence in the market since the 1930s. The current Opel lineup in South Africa includes the ADAM, Corsa, Astra and Mokka. Opel’s first-ever sub-compact SUV made its South African debut recently and GM Woodmead is proud to share in this innovating experience.

The mysteriously named, yet capturing, Mokka, which has established unparalleled international acclaim in Europe, is the third of the ‘new Germans’ from Opel to be launched in South Africa.

As an avid fan of SUV’s, it would take a lot to get me to love another compact SUV more than my current favs, but it seems Opel has simply highlighted the SUV status in my mind’s eye. The German brands style has evolved with additional specs for a much affordable price in its range but still hold the brands versatility. I think the Mokka has claimed a firm position in the segment of crossovers.

A lot of buyers are opting for the automatic choice as it offers a lot more driver comfort but in my opinion the entry-level also offers all the necessities for quite a comfortable drive.

After a few hundred kilos and a week spent with the Mokka, I felt the drive was graceful, even in the pothole-infested parts of Midrand and Glen Austin. Features such as stability control comes standard across the range. With features like cruise control and tire pressure monitoring driving becomes comfortable and easy.  The exterior design is stylish with its strong and loud posture presented in a solid package.

Opel’s Mokka is aimed at consumers who have active lifestyles and a taste for adventure. It offers a quality alternative to those customers who live urban lifestyles and fully appreciate the high seating position, extra space, versatility and go-anywhere nature of an SUV. The high level of specification in the new Mokka is backed up by an efficient turbocharged petrol engine giving even the entry-level model great driving dynamics.

Desh Bechan