SUVs seem to be the golden child of passenger cars, not just in South Africa, but globally as well. With consumers mostly being interested in this genre, it becomes a supply and demand situation. Car manufacturers are forced to listen and give people more of what they want. Jaguar is one such manufacturer and they’ve gone ahead and refreshed their F-Pace to stay in the game in this hotly contested space. So what’s new and changed in the Jaguar F-Pace?


As with most updates, there always has to be minor changes made to the exterior and they’re pretty easy to predict. Both front bumper and grille on the big cat have been revised, the latter now being a larger “diamond” grille. Raise your eyes slightly and you may notice the new bonnet on the Jag. The brand says the new hood gives the car a more striking finish by reducing the number of shutlines at the front of the car. A new set of slim all-LED quad headlamps have also been included. 

Interior & tech

In addition to the new headlamp design, Jaguar has made the LED lamps available with Pixel LED technology as an option, giving you “more resolution and brightness” says the firm. Work has been done to this interior as well, and now you’ll find a new clear and large 11.4-inch screen. When entry-level vehicles are also being introduced with touch infotainment screens, Jaguar makes a bold statement by distinguishing themselves through using an HD curved glass touchscreen in this new offering. Levels. For its instrument cluster, Jag has given the new F-Pace an equally modern and sizable 12.3-inch HD display that allows you to configure its layout to your personal preference. To give the F-Pace’s occupants a quiet and peaceful ride, shielded from outside world noise, Jaguar has used some innovative tech in the form of Active Road Noise Cancelation. Wood veneer is not as outdated as you may think, it’s still being used in modern cars and the new F-Pace has strips of it tastefully laid out throughout its interior. The wood veneers utilised here are called open-pore wood veneers – something you’ll only find in a premium vehicle such as this. As for the seats, these too have been redesigned and now have wider cushioning and new massage functions.

Jaguar F-Pace engine specs

Life is best when you have options, and that’s one thing the new Jaguar F-Pace give you. The British car manufacturer (Jaguar) has added more engine options to the F-Pace lineup, starting with two six-cylinder units. Arranged in a straight-line configuration, the new 3.0-litre petrol and diesel engines have individual outputs of 221 kW/700 Nm (petrol) and 294 kW/550 Nm (diesel). There is a four-cylinder plug-in hybrid also on offer for those who prefer to leave a lighter carbon footprint. With this variant, you’ll be able to drive up to 53km on the electric motor only.

Jaguar F-Pace price

F-PACE D200                                                                                           R1,122,500

F-PACE D300                                                                                           R1,233,200

F-PACE P250                                                                                           R1,214,500

F-PACE P400                                                                                           R1,239,400

F-PACE P400e                                                                                         R1,610,100

F-PACE D200 R-Dynamic                                                                      R1,190,500

F-PACE D300 R-Dynamic                                                                      R1,301,000

F-PACE P250 R-Dynamic                                                                       R1,282,400

F-PACE P400 R-Dynamic                                                                       R1,307,300

F-PACE P400e R-Dynamic                                                                     R1,672,700

F-PACE D200 R-Dynamic Black                                                            R1,176,600

F-PACE D300 R-Dynamic Black                                                            R1,287,100

F-PACE P250 R-Dynamic Black                                                            R1,268,500

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