The New Mazda CX3 – Individual

The New Mazda CX3 – Individual

It is As Individual As they Come

DESIGN: Assembled exclusively in Hiroshima Japan and based on the same platform and rigid, light-weight unibody structure as the Mazda2, two brilliant cars competing in the small car segment. The new CX3 possesses bold aesthetics that sweep back into a most appealing aerodynamic exterior: resonating Mazda’s Kodo design ethos, which is sure to be as contemporary and striking in years to come – as it is now.infotainment-screen interior-2

INTERIOR: Is hospitable, spacious and comfortable. Good use of quality materials, soft leather accents on the dash, door arm rests, with contrasting red stitching while chromed dials,(infotainment/volume/climate controls) create a heightened sense of exclusivity. Carbon fibre inserts frame the climate control dials and AUX/USB ports for a finished sporty look. With voice command, Bluetooth  and every other visual/audio function accessible via the multi-function steering wheel.

SPACE/RIDE QUALITY: Ample leg-room in the rear, offering body comfort for above average height passengers. Struts in the front, torsion-beam axle in the rear: the compact-hatch SUV’s pliant suspension rides out rough tarmac and is skilled at tackling dirt roads. The sport-tuned suspension provides both friendly and sharp handling: a complement of smooth steering and a weight-saving design provides a can-do attitude of feedback – a most noticeable characteristic when gliding the car through the bends, dynamics based on Mazda’s Jinba ittai,(unity between horse and rider) engineering philosophy.cargo-area front-interior

DRIVETRAIN: The 2.0L, i4, engine, with SkyActiv Technology and an ample 115kw of power makes the CX3 the perfect suburban and city car – capable and able. Select the sport mode switch, flip the gear-lever into manual, tap the paddle-shifts and you are endeared with a more lively driving experience. At 2800rpms, the 6-speed auto-transmission feeds the 204nm of torque to the front-wheels, sufficient considering the CX3 weighs 1270kg and features a braked towing capacity of 1200kg – that is impressive! However, Mazda’s choice not to produce a turbodiesel version, because they want to remain true to their roots, is pure sacrilege. (I say this because I have driven the Mazda2 turbodiesel and a  diesel variant would certainly plump up Mazda’s compact SUV product line-up). The CX3 offers versatility for the now-and-again outdoor enthusiast and a respectable fuel economy of 6.4L/100km on the open road and 7.4L/100km in congested urban/city driving. The i-Stop feature is one function that grated me, get stuck at a busy intersection and you will find out why.sports-switch-and-dials sunroof

Some standard specs include keyless ignition+access, speedo heads-up display, reverse-camera/PDC and navigation. 18” alloy rims, hill-hold and traction/stability control are also standard on the Individual and  brilliantly packaged at a price of R352 436.

Dean Joseph