2018 is tipped to be a phenomenal year for Audi. Recently announcing the impending launch of two new vehicles in the Q-range and three electric vehicles, Audi seems to be upgrading their portfolio of vehicles, adding to an incredibly competitive market.

The Audi Q8 and Q4 will be released in 2018 and 2019 respectively, according to the chairman of the Audi board, Rupert Stadler. With this design up in the air since Audi trademarked the Q8 name in 2012, the world has been watching with bated breath to see what the popular brand will come up with.

Looking at concept drawings and pictures of the Q8 revealed at the Detroit Motor Show, I can honestly add that the vehicle looks like a cross between an futuristic vehicle and a really, really awesome family car. The interior has the potential to look a bit clinical (on pictures at least) but as a fan of the brand, I have faith that Audi will continue their legacy of creating luxurious and comfortable interiors in this model too. Clearly seeking to come abreast with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLE and the BMW X6 and X7, the launch of this extreme luxury SUV is aimed at setting a new benchmark for the German manufacturer.

Word on the street regarding the Q8 includes whispers that not only will there be petrol, diesel and hybrid versions available, but the possibility exists of a “monster” SUV which will share componentry with the Lamborghini Urus – an SUV that has incredible, wild styling and aggressive performance capabilities.

Further developments for Audi include the release of the new generation A8 and A7, with the release of the former at the Audi Summit which is scheduled for July, in Spain. However, taking into account that electric vehicle sales have increased exponentially and the focus is growing to be more environmentally conscious, Audi is looking at doing over 30% of fully or partially electric sales in the next 6 or 7 years.

An all-electric SUV, the Audi Quattro is also expected to hit the market sometime in the second half of 2018, boasting  a95 kW battery pack that realistically should enable the vehicle to cover between 275 and 310 miles before needing a recharge. I for one would be keen on taking an electric Audi for a test-drive, being a fan of both the brand and the electric car/hybrid car movement.

Here’s to an exciting year for Audi!

By Desh Bechan