During a recent visit to New South Vaal, I was met by a diverse team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff, eager to assist with a “service with a smile” approach. I settled in, enthusiastically waiting to get a taste of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta with Sales Manager, Clifford Browning.

Simply stating that this Italian beauty was impressive in every way, seems to be an understatement – so please indulge me, if you may!

Imagine dining al fresco at a quaint Italian bistro, alongside cobblestone streets, surrounded by merriment. The sights, sounds and aromas of Italy completely encompassing your every sense. A friendly waitron approaches with a freshly brewed caffè latte and the most delectable slice of tiramisu you’ve ever delighted in, with layers of creamy architecture engulfed in culinary perfection…

Mirroring this euphoric sensation is the Alfa Romeo Giulietta – truly a pleasure for your every whim.

Bold, sporty curvatures, honeycomb grille and polished headlights enticingly adorn the veneer, fueling my urge to delight in this rich white utopia. Awestruck by her timeless elegance, I trail the periphery of the Giulietta admiring her every delicate feature. Enticing me, is the modern Alfa Romeo logo.

As sensational as the dessert is to consume, as is the Giulietta to embark. I am immediately enveloped by the creamy leather seats and soft, rich leather steering wheel. The dashboard is equally delightful with carbon finishes and matte grey inserts leading to the doors. The airy interior and ergonomically placed controls ensure a pleasant and luxurious driving experience.

The cluster is fitted with digital gauges and instruments that provide you with the trip information you need to fully observe your journey. The multifunctional steering wheel connects you to your Uconnect™ infotainment system and cruise control.

Impressed by its luscious good looks, I was keen to take a bite…

The drive proved equally satisfying. Accelerating across the highway, experiencing the power this sweet treat had to offer, I was struck by the profound handling of the steering wheel as we reached 120km/h. As the revs increased, so did the handling stability. I felt 100% in control of the vehicle, even at high speeds. Now, almost any car can reach 120km/h, but not just any car can give you this type of stability, control and peace of mind.

The Giulietta offers three drive-settings to optimise the driving experience; Dynamic, which promotes high performance; Natural, which offers Eco mode; and All-Weather, designed for poor road conditions. Having driven the vehicle in Dynamic and Natural, I could barely feel the difference in power.

A true Italian masterpiece, innovative and unique. Head over to New Vaal South and indulge in a cheat day. Speak to Dealer Principal, André Potgieter or Sales Manager, Clifford Browning for the best deals from their range of irresistible vehicles. If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance to speak to the very passionate Parts Manager, Faizil Moodeen who will tell you exactly why you should choose Alfa Romeo as your next vehicle.

By Inge Stols

Editor: Kersh Moodley