New Vaal South, located in Eastcliff near the Comaro road off-ramp, is a classy dealership filled with the latest Jeep, Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge and Alfa Romeo vehicles. They also stock a wide variety of used vehicles and have fully operational Parts and Workshop departments for any after-sales requirements. Sales Executive, Arthur Renney took me on a test drive of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and I truly fell in love with yet another Alfa Romeo.

The design and curvatures of the Stelvio were inspired by a mountain pass with almost 75 hairpin turns. At first glance, you are struck by its charming good looks and stature. The signature Alfa Romeo grille, LED headlights and daytime running lights look you straight in the eyes, immediately pulling you into its unrelenting grasp. These sharp, classy headlights have a similar DNA to the Alfa Romeo Guilia. The whole vehicle is curved and shaped to present the finest physical attraction and aerodynamics.

Entering the Stelvio is like entering a sportscar. The start/stop function is located on the elegant leather steering wheel. The Stelvio welcomes you with memory seat adjustments. The cabin is a perfect synchronisation of elegance and space. It is evident that Alfa Romeo designed this beauty with driving comfort in mind.

The center console is pleasantly uncluttered and contains your gear selector and three dials. The first dial allows you to choose between three drive settings – natural, dynamic and all-wheel drive. This can be selected as you drive. The second dial is for operating certain settings on the 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system – which has Satellite Navigation and eight speakers. The third dial is simply for changing the audio volume or skipping a track. This can all be accessed through the touch screen itself or from the multifunctional steering wheel.

Also located on the steering wheel is your Adaptive Cruise Control settings. Arthur guided me through the whole process as we journeyed along the highway. It was quite amazing that the car slowed down and sped up accordingly. As it is, I’m quite nervous to have the car have its way, but the Stelvio took over the driving and all I had to do was steer. In fact, steering also felt unnecessary with the Stevio’s unbelievable handling.

As we drove in “Natural” mode, Arthur asked me to take special notice to the Stelvio’s performance, which was already incredible. With that in mind, he switched the dial into “Dynamic” mode and my mind was blown! It’s incredible how both you and your car can control its performance. As if we needed to go any faster, “Dynamic” mode surprised me as I didn’t expect an SUV to govern such speed and handling differences so smoothly.

Though we drove highway speeds and I allowed the car to drive itself, I felt safe during the entire ride. Alfa included some high-tech safety features: Integrated Brake System (IBS) combines braking and stabilizing to ensure fast braking and eliminates heavy ABS vibrations and keeps the car from swerving. Lane Departure Warning helps you keep within your lane boundaries by vibrating or making a sound when you wander without using your indicator. Forward Collision Warning with Autonomous Emergency Brake detects when a collision is about to occur and applies brakes when appropriate. It even detects pedestrian activity below 65km/h. Other safety features include Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross-Path Detection.

I definitely fell in love with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and I would recommend a test drive at New Vaal South Motors in Eastcliff. Dealer Principal, André Potgieter and his highly passionate team are always available to cater to your every dream-car need. Sales Executive, Arthur Renney assisted in my excitement on the test drive with his rich knowledge and passion for the industry. If you need any more convincing in terms of the Alfa Romeo brand, you can always head down to the Parts department and let Parts Manager, Faizil Moodeen tell you more. You won’t regret it!

By Inge Stols

Editor: Kersh Moodley