When you look at efforts like this, you can almost understand why the bread-and-butter cars from Nissan are so dreary. They clearly invest their time in the thrilling initiatives. What you see here is likely to be the next GT-R supercar. It’s called the Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo and at present this digital glimpse of the future is sadly just that. Digital.

Nissan Vision 2020 Concept - Surf4cars

But its birth into the real world looks promising. Created by a team of young designers at the Nissan studio in Europe, an advanced engineering team based at the technical centre in Japan has already given their input to the case. The marketing team describes this virtual machine as the “vision of what a high-performance Nissan could look like in the future” and we are certainly hopeful that it does see daylight. Or even some of its styling elements at the very least.

Nissan Vision 2020 Concept 3 - Surf4cars

And you will be able to drive it albeit in the digital realm. When Gran Turismo 6 is released the car will be available to download, just as Nissan did with the GT-R and Skyline models in previous installments of the famous gaming franchise. Nissan concluded their media statement by stating very playfully that they do believe the real world is ready for the 2020 Vision and that we should all keep our eyes peeled. Bring it on Nissan.