Nissan has introduced the all-new Rogue, which is the US variant of the X-Trail, and as both were almost similar in the previous iteration, this can be expected to look like the current X-Trail when they land on our local shores.

The Rogue / X-Trail 2020 is 38 mm shorter and 5 mm lower than the existing model, built on an all-in-one platform. The car also boasted a more audacious and unparalleled exterior design, while a two-tier lighting structure inspired by the Juke was created. This is the first vehicle renovation since 2014, a highly successful renovation which made Rogue the most popular model in Nissan. In 2019 the Rogue was the country ‘s third bestselling SUV trailer, with sales of 350,447 vehicles only for the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda Cr-V.

 In addition to a massive 27 cm head-up display and a digital instruments cluster of 31,2 cm, the cabin was almost fully digitalized-both features of the X-Trail. A new 22,8 cm central infotainment system with Apple CarPlay wireless connectivity is the principal command center. With its semi-autonomous drive ProPilot Assist which combines adaptive cruise control and steering and breakage support, the new Rogue will also be able to drive itself. The U.S. models also feature the Nissan ‘Safety Shield 360’ system, including the Pedestrian detection Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning, Rear Cross traffic alert, the Departure Warning Lane, High Beam Assist, Rear Automatic Braking.

It is a new, sophisticated all-wheel drive system that can be used to provide four-wheel person power in the X-Trail, which has always been one of the most off-road-compatible ‘soft-roaders.’ The X-Trail looks like it is being kept in a modern model. Driving modes: Offroad, Snow, Standard, Eco and Sport can be selected from five driving modes.

Nissan’s bestseller, the Rogue attracts a large number of purchasers. It is particularly aimed at millennials with children, with significant improvements in the back seat for the model 2021.

Jared Haslam, Nissan’s vice-president of product design, says that “though it focuses primarily on the comfort and safety of their families, they really want to be outstanding in the crowd. “They want to be trendy in style.”

By Noni Nchwe