First released by Japanese motoring producer Nissan in early 2000, the X-trail was intended to be a compact, or crossover, type SUV. Now, almost two decades later, the X-trail has been offered an upgrade and is being released better, and more beautiful than ever before. Group 1 Nissan the Glen, as always with their hospitality and warmth, welcomed me for a look at this vehicle recently.

Dealer Principal, George Stegmann, has been with the Nissan brand for 25 years, and is the epitome of what the Nissan brand stands for; noting that loyalty to customer satisfaction, providing access to quality vehicles that remain the most reliable and durable vehicles on the road, coupled with new innovative products and services that are designed to enrich lives, George feels that Nissan is truly a car for the people.

Sudesh Nadersen, Sales Executive at Nissan the Glen has previously shown me around the showroom floor. He believes that the smooth ride and comfort of the X-trail is what makes it unique, whilst still presenting the practicality and power that a vehicle of this size should represent. Noting it to be more of a soft-roader type, the 7-seater option is available for those who want the big-family vehicle set up, or with the back row flipped out for a massive boot space that can swallow literally everything short of the kitchen sink (although I’d wager it can take that too). This SUV looks great, with the recognisable Nissan grille fitted into a nicely designed nose; the body of the vehicle is aesthetically pleasing and gives off a very solid, stable vibe.

Whilst on the topic of space, the interior has a lot of it: a very spacious and generously allocated driver’s area makes for comfortable seating. The next row also provides ample space and was worth noting for it’s well-appointed and supportive seating. As always with a 7-seater, the third row is touch and go for space, and – unless you have small kiddies – will not be very comfortable for an adult. I generally prefer 5-seaters due to this fact, although the X-trail has a host of fantastic features and elements that really push it up on the list of superb SUV’s out there.

The refreshed X-trail is penned to be more intelligent and more efficient that it’s predecessor, with the same popular (and powerful) torque (320 Nm) but much less bulk, making it lighter on fuel and a more enjoyable drive to experience. Available in a 2 litre petrol variant, with a six-speed manual gearbox, a 2.5 litre petrol X-tronic CVT auto, and a 1.6 litre diesel engine as a six-speed manual which is the variant I am testing. The diesel X-trail is said to hit fuel consumption levels between 5 and 6 litres per 100 kilometres; in my own experience, the X-trail proved to be unbelievable light on fuel (much more so than I had expected for such a large vehicle). By my calculations, I could easily hit 1000 kilometres on one tank.

A host of safety features make the X-trail one of the safest SUV’s on the road today; an advanced airbag system as well as the Nissan Intelligent Mobility system (which includes intelligent Around View Monitoring, Moving Object Detection and Intelligent Blindspot Intervention) made me feel quite safe and secure, and made driving effortless despite the size of the vehicle. I enjoyed the take-off and the consistently smooth feel to driving the X-trail, and – although I missed the infotainment system (which can be added as an optional extra) – felt quite in control, confident in the handling and responses of the vehicle as a whole.

Once again back home at the Dealership in the Glen, I am reminded that the philosophies that underscore the Nissan brand are to promote the idea of “trusted driving pleasure” to their clients; having experienced the pleasure of driving the X-trail and knowing that the workmanship, after-sales services and client care are built on a foundation of reliability and trust.

With Group 1 Nissan being an award-winning Nissan service-provider that is one of South Africa’s top Nissan pricing and promotion specialists, Group 1 Nissan the Glen is the place to go for the best deal on this amazing vehicle. For further information on Nissan products and services, please feel free to contact Group 1 Nissan the Glen on: Group 1 Nissan the Glen


By Desh Bechan