With the successful launch of the new Opel Adam, the German automaker double-barrels with a crossover SUV – the Opel Mokka.

First impressions are priceless. The Mokka has a raked in positive and muscular stance – chromed accessories brighten up its rather honed athletic front-end, while accentuated aerodynamics eye-line the detail of its bodywork and casting the rest of the Mokka’s proportions into balance.


Exterior convention also translates this SUV’s interior pod, graced with a plentiful of space, useful utility areas, and a peripheral of cup holders. Piano-black accents highlight the fascia and detail on the button control panel – dashboard is robust with a modern shimmer. An Intellilink Infotainment System uploads you to the AUX/USB, Bluetooth functions, which is as easy – as rolling play doe. The complete package would include a reverse-camera or at least reverse-parking senses – disappointingly, the Mokka has neither and there is nothing worse than guessing how far your bumper is from the island pavement in a parking bay.


Though the performance is linear, the 200nm of torque is on tap giving decent throttle response in every gear, with the six-speed auto-transmission rationing power to the front wheels. The Mokka’s 103kw 1.4L Turbocharged Ecotec motor feels just short of sporty, with little consolation from the Aveo platform, and sometimes-vague steering response – the Mokka’s handling gags as you try grinding through a corner, (which left me guessing, how the Mokka would behave in an emergency/sudden brake and manoeuvre scenario). Yet the Mokka is a real go-getter on the open road; its compliant suspension will not taser your passengers while you involuntary roll over any lumpy tarmac, and on a good day the Mokka averages a fuel economy of 9L+/100Km.

Therefore, what is the point of yet another crossover SUV, produced by an automaker, who together with their subsidiaries is cloning more offspring that are less original – but more ‘general’. For one the entry level spec Mokka (ENJOY) will cost you R288 500, with its cosmetically enhanced sibling – the Mokka (Cosmo) priced at R325 500(add R10 000 for the automatic versions).


The Mokka is not going to show you how to make friends with interesting people, however it will appeal to a less pretentious but sizeable portion of the market. The new Opel Mokka is either going to be a water under the bridge moment or a watershed moment for the German automaker – Only time will tell!

Dean Joseph