On Wednesday, the energy department

With fuel prices expected to increase sharply at midnight, numerous cash-strapped South Africans are trying to fill their cars and say that all every cent counts at this point.

The Energy Department released adjusted price increases for fuel in July, which will also significantly increase the cost of diesel and lighting for paraffin.t said on Friday, retail prices for all kinds of petroleum will increase by nine cents per liter.

The price of diesel with a sulfur content of 0.05% and the price of diesel with a sulfur content of 0.005% will remain the same both. Two cents a liter would decrease the wholesale price of lighting paraffin. For lighting paraffin, the single national average retail price would decrease 3 cents per litre.

Robert Maake of the Energy department said the key driver of petrol price rises is to reduce global locks on the economy, increase demand for petroleum and increase prices. Robert Maake of the Energy department said that the major contributor to price rise at pumps is to make it easier for countries all over the world to lock down.

South Africans can prepare themselves for the R1.53 rise of petrol 93 octane, R1.72 of the cents per liter of paraffin, R1.73 and R1.59 of that of the Diesel, and the R2.85 of that liter of paraffin at retail level.

We inevitably use petrol whether we fill it today or morning. However, it would be nice if the government could give us a bit of price relief.

Over the last three months, South Africa’s oil-producing countries, Saudi Arabia and Russia, have benefited from very low prices due to a lack of demand and a standoff.

By Noni Nchwe