In December last year, I reviewed one of the most amazing SUV’s in my career thus far: it’s safe to say that the Peugeot 3008 literally took my breathe away on every level. This past week, I had the absolute joy of reviewing the little sister of this amazing vehicle – the Crossover SUV from Peugeot, the 2008 1.2 Auto.

Dinesh Reddy, Sales Manager at Peugeot Isando shared his experience with the 2008 with me, noting that Peugeot is generally quite underrated in South Africa, with the tide turning as people become more aware of the fantastic value and superb quality which Peugeot represents. With 17 years of knowledge and experience built up over various roles in the industry (and across many top brands as well), Dinesh is proud to represent the Peugeot brand, stating emphatically that the 2008 – as well as the gorgeous 3008 – are strong contenders in the market.

I love the look of the 2008, with its core design being a clear nod to the 3008. The vehicle is designed to be recognisable, with 3D rear lights with a 3-claw design and a distinctive front grille that are offset by sporty wheel arch extensions, front and rear scuff plates and roof bars. Colour-coded mirrors and door handles provide a classic finish that speaks volumes about Peugeots attention to detail. Although being 83 mm shorter than the 3008, the 2008 has the same spacious cabin, with ample head and leg room all around. Although it is also somewhat narrower and sleeker, it has the same high stance and still has an incredibly generous boot storage, which makes it ideal for loading groceries, school bags or even fur-kids (as I can imagine my own furry babies happily cruising along with me).

The interior of the 2008 is sophisticated and chic, with the Peugeot touch evident in the available ambient lighting options. The steering wheel is also unique to Peugeot (as a compact sports design) and boasts a 7 inch multifunction touch screen. The heads-up instrument panel relays real-time vehicle information and allows you to keep your eyes on the road at all times. Other noteworthy features include Rear Parking Sensors, Electrochrome Rear View Mirror, Refrigerated Glovebox (for keeping the kid’s refreshments cool on the long road) and Rear Tinted Window as standard.

Having taken the 2008 home on a few occasions, Dinesh is able to echo my sentiments on the brilliance of the 2008 as a family vehicle, and even for long trips and vacations. In his own experience, the 2008 has incredibly low fuel consumption rates (needing only one fill up from Johannesburg all the way down to the coast) and the sheer comfort of the vehicle for a kid-centred family. Peugeot tips fuel consumption at between 5 and 6 litres per 100 kilometres, which is fantastic (and substantially lower than the rates of the 3008, which is noted around 9 litres to the 100.

The result of the last few test-drives at Peugeot have been utterly delightful – the theme that runs through each Peugeot vehicle I have tested thus far is that the brand itself represents comfort, high quality and value for money, and Peugeot Isando have the workshops and service department to back this up. Offering wonderful warranties and service plans, Peugeot Isando have all your motoring needs covered: Contact details for Peugeot Isando are 011 578 4600 and Peugeot Isando


By Desh Bechan