Peugeot have recently made waves in the motoring industry with the launch of their SUV, the Peugeot 3008. Winning the prestigious title of European Car of the Year for 2018, the incredible design and technology infused in this vehicle is shared by it’s little sister, the Crossover SUV, the Peugeot 2008.

Peugeot Isando has a Dealer Principal who has 25 yeas of motoring experience to his name. With a background in Manufacturing, Finance and Retail, Mike joined the Kempston group with a slightly sceptical perspective on the Peugeot brand. After spending time with the vehicles and learning first-hand about the quality and attention to detail inherent to the brand, Mike admits that he has had his mind well and truly changed, with every Peugeot vehicle exceeding his expectations.

Dinesh Reddy is the Sales Manager at the Isando branch for Peugeot. Sharing his belief that the Peugeot 2008 is an underrated vehicle with me, Dinesh adds that the vehicle’s popularity is rapidly increasing as the public become aware of it’s fantastic value and the brilliant quality so characteristic of Peugeot. Having 17 years of experience built up across various industry roles, Dinesh is also familiar with many of the competing brands, and notes that he is proud to represent Peugeot who he believes are strong contenders in the market.

As with the 3008, the 2008 has a stunning, striking design that is clearly meant to stand out. 3D tail-lights with a 3-claw design make the vehicle even more distinctive, as does the bold, broad grille which is flanked by sport wheel-arch extenstions, front and rear scuff plates as well as roof bars. The 2008 has colour-coded mirrors and door handles, which – as always with Peugeot – just remind you how important attention to detail is for the brand. Although as a crossover the 2008 is 83mm shorter than it’s SUV big-brother, the cabin is remarkably spacious and really provides a feeling of light, airiness which I really like. Head and leg room is more than sufficient, and a very generous boot space make it ideal for loading almost anything (pets included, for my fellow fur-parents). The 2008 stands tall and looks sleek, and as a whole, presents as a really neat, classy and comfortable package with high-quality finishes.

Sophisticated, chic interior finishes are expected with this brand, and the 2008 is no different. There are also various ambient lighting options, and the uniquely shaped Peugeot steering wheel leaves a little sporty, athletic taste in the mouth. With a 7-inch multifunction touch screen, and a heads-up instrument panel that relays real time information on your vehicles functioning, everything you may need or want is within reach. The 2008 also has Rear parking sensors, Electrochrome Rear View Mirror, a Refrigerated Glovebox (my kid’s favourite feature) and Rear Tinted Window as standard.

As far as family vehicle’s go, the 2008 couldn’t be any more perfect, and even lends itself to long family trips, vacations and businesses. The drive is unbelievably smooth with great handling capabilities, low-road noise and a very responsive 1.2 litre engine (working smoothly with an automatic gearbox) that really functions seamlessly. With superb fuel economy noted at between 5 and 6 litres per 100 kilometres, this vehicle would be ideal for families on a budget, or families seeking luxury, comfort and reliability. My children were more than comfortable in the rear, and I enjoyed the driving position and comfort offered in the cockpit. As with every other Peugeot I have driven, there is an air of class, tinged with French flair, to the design, and with it’s unique look, there are always heads turning when this vehicle is in the area.

Mike notes that Peugeot may have had an odd relationship with the South African consumer in the last while, due in part to the unfamiliarity of the French brand, but adds that he has seen this change dramatically, with popularity increasing as awareness about the vehicles increases too. I find that the core thread that runs throughout the Peugeot brand (and as echoed in their products and services) is the manufacturer’s desire to represent comfort, quality and value for money in their vehicles, and in my opinion, they have done a splendid job.

At Peugeot Isando, the client’s every need will be met through workshop and service departments that also offer supportive, diagnostic and reparative services. Backed up by conscientious warranties and service plans, Peugeot Isando strive to ensure that the client is prioritised, and that the integration of their new vehicle into their lives progresses without a hitch.

Mike also notes that the Peugeot brand is committed to building its name in South Africa: through supporting the sales teams by bringing in only the best models, Peugeot is heading in the right direction. That direction includes a whole new line-up of vehicles in 2018, which Mike is enthusiastic about, and subsequently leaves me excited about my future test-driving plans for the brand.

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Journalist: Desh Bechan

Reporter: Inge Stols

Editor: Belinda Anderson