The duo that everyone loves to hate has been made more potent. Porsche unleashed spicier GTS versions of their Boxster and Cayman – which took the South African Car of The Year title for 2012 and 2013.

Porsche Boxster GTS Front - Surf4cars

This pair of more “accessible” high-performance Porsche models have large shoes to fill. The GTS moniker which stands for Gran Turismo Sport have been traditionally reserved for the most focussed offerings in the range. The original 904 Carrera GTS first wore them in 1963: that was a race car that could also be registered for use on public roads.

Porsche Cayman GTS Front - Surf4cars

Porsche extracted more power from the 3.4-litre engine in the Boxster, now producing 243kW and 370Nm of torque. This promises a 0-100km/h time of 4.7 seconds which is about 0.3 seconds faster than a standard Boxster S with the automaker’s double-clutch PDK transmission.

Porsche Boxster GTS Side - Surf4cars

But the suspension has been fettled too. The GTS boasts the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM). Which is essentially a fancy way of saying that buyers are able to modify damper stiffness and other settings. But strangely they offer a “sport chassis” in addition: which lowers the ride height a further 20 millimetres.  New styling cues include 20-inch Carrera S alloy wheels in black, and re-styled lower aprons. Inside you get leather-clad sport seats and Alcantara bits too.

Porsche Boxster GTS Rear - Surf4cars

The Cayman GTS is slightly more powerful with 250kW and 380Nm on tap. But apart from this, it has the same sportier exterior and interior trappings of its Boxster sibling.