Jaguar’s tagline is “The Art of Performance” – and with a history of producing magnificent luxury vehicles reminiscent of works of art, this brand has seemingly outdone themselves with the release of the divine Jaguar F-Type.

Jaguar East Rand is managed by Dealer Principal Johan Coetzee, who also functions as a franchise executive overseeing numerous dealerships with care and humility. Johan started as a sales representative many years ago and through hard work, dedication and thinking ahead, Johan worked his way into management. He now provides his expertise and skills to ensure the smooth functioning of nine dealerships. With a reputation for devotion to the Jaguar brand, Johan is thrilled to represent the East Rand dealership where the F-Type is proudly showcased.

As the brand manager for Jaguar, Joe Senekal has spent the past fifteen years serving the Jaguar brand with dedication and enthusiasm. While he started in the industry many years ago as a rookie salesman, Joe’s excitement about the brand saw him striving to formally represent Jaguar as the brand manager in order to promote the luxury and power associated with it. Being driven to be the best at what he does has led to his serving the dealership in management capacity for many years. By building long-term relationships with clients, Joe prioritises the customer in such a way that they are always aware of how important they are.

Another motoring veteran, Gerrie Posthumus is the sales executive for Jaguar who has been with this dealership (and the brand) for an impressive sixteen years. Noting that Jaguar vehicles are awesome vehicles to sell because the quality of the products is truly as it is represented to be: superior on every level. With experience as a team member of the workshop as well, Gerrie has insight into what makes Jaguar vehicles so exceptional and this enables him to go above and beyond in his service. Working with a team which he describes as “magical” and “like family”, Gerrie’s deep love for his dealership is evident in everything he does.

When finding ways of describing the Jaguar F-Type, I think of words such as agile, distinctive and powerful. Available in both coupe and convertible variants, the F-Type is the cream-of-the-sports-car-crop on show at Jaguar East Rand. Madelein Kruger, marketing manager for the dealership in the East Rand readily states that Jaguar have outdone themselves with this superbly-styled, state-of-the-art machine that provides for a pulse-quickening, dynamic driving experience.

Although looks alone is never the best way to judge a vehicle, in typical Jaguar style, the appearance of the Jaguar F-Type is absolutely synonymous with the design function of the car: sexy, low-set appeal with languid feline lines that embody the grace and power of the big cat for which the brand is named, making its purpose abundantly clear. Power and beauty – all rolled into one.

Both the coupe and convertible derivatives have a refreshed interior with slimline seats that maximise comfort and style for the driver and passengers alike. With a class-leading Touch Pro infotainment system, the driver connects to the vehicle and the world around him with ease, whilst encapsulated in the opulence of a classy, elegant and innovative cabin. Leather seats provide utter refinement, whilst all finishes are of the highest quality.

The F-Type offers a 221kW 4-cylinder 2.0 litre Turbocharged Ingenium Petrol engine, which is noted as the most advanced and efficient engine to date in an F-Type. Providing potent performance with maximum efficiency, this engine incorporates such technologies as Intelligent Continuously Variable Valve Lift Control and a variable displacement oil pump which – together with an E-wastegate – leaves you with incredible power, low fuel consumption and a dynamic driving experience.

Other impressive engine options include V6 and V8 variants providing a supercharged boost of accelerating power with no turbo lag. The higher output 280 kW engine kicks out a fantastic 460Nm of torque and will leave gawkers in its wake as it knocks back 0-100 km/h in as little as 4.9 seconds. This gets substantially more impressive in V8 variants where 3.7 seconds is all that is needed to get to 100 km/h when pushing out 700Nm of torque with the F-Type SRV’s 423kW engine.

To fully complete the sportscar profile, the F-Type also comes standard with an Active Sports Exhaust that provides the vehicle with the famous deep-throated roar of a thoroughbred Jaguar legend. Besides the fact that the F-Type is a magnificent specimen to look at (and a glorious ride to be seen in), it also awakens my inner race car driver who cannot wait to floor the accelerator and feel the beast unleashed. Jaguar promises effortless performance, precise and nimble handling in the F-Type –  a true performance vehicle by this premium brand.

Back at the dealership on the East Rand, I also note the experienced team managing the Workshop and Parts department. Abie Smit is the workshop manager who has two decades of experience in the industry. He proudly states that this is the best brand to work for, due to the superior quality of Jaguar vehicles and an incredibly dedicated team that can offer same-day service to clients. Abie’s sunny disposition, quick wit and wonderful attitude have clearly helped him to form great relationships with those around him. This is emphasised in his professional relationship with Parts Manager, Herman Roos who echoes his sentiments of upholding the virtues of honest and factual information being shared, in order to maintain the integrity of the brands they serve so passionately.

With the excitement of the impending E-Pace facelift launch on the horizon, keep an eye on the Jaguar East Rand dealership website for specials on products and services: Jaguar East Rand


Journalist: Desh Bechan

Reporter: Inge Stols

Editor: Belinda Anderson