It comes as no surprise that the lockdown has disturbed life globally, as we actually know it. South Africans have changed the way they use digital tools to stay home in order to stay healthy from online learning to online shopping for basic items. Car dealers are shutting their doors for the near future with all but shops selling basic items – including food and medicine. With that said, many of the companies still have calls and requests from potential customers.

If you are currently in the market to purchase a vehicle or see something that catches your attention during the lockdown period, the dealerships are still open to business, though, of course, behind closed doors. Most dealers have developed contingency plans, such as working from home or making inquiry calls to their mobile phones. The distributors also answer questions and inquiries that you have submitted.

BMW redefines how you can purchase a car. BMW Anywhere allows consumers access from the comfort of their own homes to the entire national inventory of new and accepted used BMW’s. BMW has created an unrivaled online platform in accordance with its philosophy of putting the customer at the center. It should help potential buyers get closer to their dream car. Better still, in a matter of a few clicks you can even find the right funding alternative.

Consumers are advised to make use of social during this period to browse different dealerships to check out their stock and what specials they are currently running. This becomes much easier if you are looking to buy a brand-new vehicle as you can look up a few expert test drive reviews and you know exactly what to expect. It becomes a bit trickier when trying to purchase a used vehicle as you can never be 100% sure what to expect.

Unfortunately, no deliveries can be made during this period so you would have to wait until after the lockdown to see your brand-new beauty and take it for a spin. Dealerships are trying their best to meet the needs and demands of the consumers without also violating the rules and regulations set for the lockdown period.

By Noni Nchwe