As far as Range Rover’s go, the latest Velar lives up to the standards of luxury, off-road capability and the legendary quality which Range Rover is famous for. Designed to stand out, the new Velar epitomises glamour, modernity and elegance, whilst hosting powerful DNA under the hood.

Madelein Kruger, long-time Marketing Manager for Jaguar, Volvo and Land Rover East Rand, is my go-to performance vehicle expert, who is exceptionally well-paced in the industry to effectively promote superb quality vehicles to the public. With incredible charisma, knowledge and an innate ability to relate to people, Madelein is a product specialist who represents the Land Rover East Rand dealership very well.

Noting that the tagline for Land Rover (Above and Beyond) has been literally summarised in the design and specifications of the Velar, Madelein explains that the face-lifted look, of the Velar is what garners attention wherever it goes. Beyond magnificent to look at, the Velar has tight, clean lines, a streamlined nose with new-design grille, and a taut rump that gives the impression that it is ready to spring ahead. I love the exterior look of the vehicle, with its flush door handles and integrated spoiler that enhances the aerodynamic look and feel that creates a bold profile.

Easily one of the most beautiful interiors I have seen in an SUV yet, the Velar is wrapped in leather luxury with a glass-cockpit feel that is miles ahead in terms of technologically advanced system displays and controls. A Touch Pro Duo entertainment system integrates two 10-inch high- definition touchscreens for your driving convenience, meaning you can use one for navigation and the other for phone calls or audio controls – at the same time. You read that right. Add to this a full-colour Heads Up Display (on some variants) or as an optional extra, and the cockpit of this vehicle will make you feel as though you are living a few years in the future. I am particularly impressed by the uncluttered look and feel of the dashboard despite all this technology, and the design notes that imply a quiet, serene driving experience.

In terms of engine offerings, the Velar boasts V6 and 4-cylinder Ingenium engines which provide effective, responsive and potent performance, whilst still remaining environmentally friendly with low carbon emissions. With an 8-speed Automatic Transmission that has been designed to shift seamlessly at most efficient fuel consumption points, and shift schedules change intelligently to match your unique driving style, the Velar is noted to crank out between 132 and 221 Kw of power, and 430 – 700 Nm of torque, depending on your choice of engine. I would imagine this level of power uses quite a bit of fuel though.

Available in 4 unbelievable variants, the base-line Velar starting price is R947 700 and comes standard with sexy 18-inch wheels, LED headlights, flush deployable door handles and Rear Parking Aid. The next level variant, the Velar S ups the ante with perforated grained leather seats, 10-way seat adjustments with driver-memory and Navigation Pro for a starting price of R1 028 600. Third variant, the Velar SE is even more luxurious, with 20-inch wheels, powered gesture tailgate, Interactive Driver Display and the additional Driver and Park Packages for around R1 077 900. The top of the range Velar HSE is the full house of opulence, and boasts 21-inch 5-split-spoke wheels, 20-way adjustable seats with driver and passenger memory, Meridian Surround Sound System with 17 speakers and an Extended Leather Upgrade for the starting price of R1 172 400.

The Velar looks almost too good to imagine it crunching over rocks and kicking up clouds of gravel and dust – but it’s refined looks in no way restrict the off-roading abilities inherent to the vehicle. With all-wheel drive and All-Terrain Control, a unique system that was designed to set and maintain a consistent speed in challenging terrains (such as ice, water, mud or slippery grass), the Velar is more than capable of taking on adventurous routes whilst still giving the driver full control.

Several other optional extras are available that include voice recognition software which enable the driver to maintain focus on the road, whilst interacting intelligently with the vehicle. The idea that driver and passenger safety can be improved through enhanced technologies is an underlying theme seen throughout the design of the Velar, and include standard safety features that not only protect passengers in the event of a collision, but also seek to actively prevent accidents from happening.

Land Rover East Rand as Dealership provides not only the services and products in line with the high-standards we have come to expect from the brand, but also pays close attention to client needs and queries; as a whole, the Velar and the team at Land Rover East Rand are the epitome of going “Above and Beyond” and I eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for 2018. For more info click: Land Rover East Rand


By Desh Bechan