If recent reports are to be believed, Renault will reportedly be able to rationalize its range by axing three models that will underperform with alliance partner Nissan phased-out of the Datsun brand.

According to Automotive News Europe, the ending of names plaques from Espace, Scenic and Talisman is part of Boulogne-Billancourt’s expected $2.8 billion in the save of the estimated $2.8 billion (R52 billion).

However, the Espace, the Scenic and the large Talisman sedan can already be considered excluded from the potential product plan, because they basically cease. In short, fewer minivans and sedans and an emphasis on crossovers and SUVs.

Multi-scale sales on the Old Continent were seen to have fallen 20 percent last year to 9 561 units, with a study indicating that it was the first model to be taken into account in restructuring, after its first generation, the Espace, which was largely seen as an initiator for MPV in Europe since 1984.

Similarly, the Scenic was similarly torrid, launching in 1996 the compact MPV and its 7-seat Grand Scenic offshoot, with just 77 507 fourth generation units moved in 2019, a decrease of 16%.

Whereas the Talisman, who replaced the Laguna in February this year and took advantage of mid-life facelift five years ago, saw its European sales by 20% to 15 826 units last year. However, the Talisman was never considered for South Africa as the two listed MPVs were reiterated before the current version came into sale. Unlike their predecessor, Space and Scenic.

Following its apparent collapse, the plant outside Lille (where all three are produced) is preserved and revamped to manufacture two new versions, while the Kadjar plant, which is installed in the Palencia plant in Spain, along with the Megane, substitutes for the Scenic.

By Noni Nchwe