Last month Surf4Cars presented you with a spec review of a vehicle tipped by the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists to be a vehicle on the up and up: this month, it was my distinct pleasure to personally test drive and review the Kadjar from the dealership Renault The Glen in Johannesburg.

As with my initial assessment of the vehicles styling and design, I am drawn in by the elegance and class of the sloping lines and smooth curves. It presents with a lovely sense of gravity and presence that I find very reassuring, and upon climbing in, emphasises the level of comfort and safety I had been prepared to find in a Renault. Excellent finishes of high quality envelope me, and a lovely high-ride add to the classic SUV feel that always gives me a little thrill.

The cabin is spacious and graciously laid out – I sit comfortably in luxuriously padded seats that feel as though it is cradling me, and have more than enough head and leg room (both in driver’s position, and in the back), and I nod in approval at the sensible and convenient multi-function steering wheel and dash, which hosts a lovely 7-inch infotainment touchscreen panel (and, I note, all the necessary technological jacks for enjoying music and media).

What immediately catches my eye at take-off (tougher with the smooth gliding start and acceleration) is the lovely large digital instrument cluster that provides a large screen view of the rev counter and speed indicator. The Kadjar is easy to drive and provides a gentle, relaxed manoeuvrability which I particularly like, giving me a sense of stress-free traffic navigation and a tranquil road experience. The vehicle seems to float along the road – not in a negative sense, but by contrast, as an effortless and buttery drive that is honestly superb. I have no need to fight for control or strong-arm the car into any turns, and despite this light and fluffy feeling, it hugs the road brilliantly and corners with confidence.

Due to its 5-star Euro-NCAP rating and host of impressive features, the Kadjar exudes family comfort and care, and really personifies the concept of quality family time – there would be no hassle loading my kids and hubby on board and setting off in relaxed contentment for a road trip to our favourite beach. I feel very much at ease in this sense, also knowing that in terms of fuel economy, the Kadjar rates very high for eating up the miles whilst only sipping at the petrol tank.

Renault The Glen, with their dedicated service teams and well-versed sales people, note that the Kadjar can be said to be making its way to the top of its automotive class, with all the benefits of luxury and safety well-rounded off with exceptionally low running costs. I most certainly agree with my initial assessment of the Kadjar as a crossover-SUV to watch!


By Desh Pillay Bechan