Unemployment is one of South Africa’s biggest social challenges at the moment. Thousands of our youth are unemployed due to various reasons. One of the biggest reasons is lack of resources. While others may be called for interview opportunities, most also do not even have the funds to get to those interviews therefore losing out on these job opportunities.

Imagine the relief and excitement when I heard that a South African company has taken the initiative to help unemployed youth in the quest to find their first job.

Trusted Interns launched a campaign and shared messages of hope and motivation with the unemployed youth of our country. Not only are they giving them hope but they have also committed to providing access to the job market by providing first time job seekers the opportunity to apply for free Uber vouchers to go to interviews.

The #GiveTheYouthAchance campaign is a three-part campaign that aims at instilling hope, creating opportunity and providing access in to the 2020 job market.

According to research on Google, most job searches are conducted in January and February-which makes sense in essence as everyone is looking for a fresh new start in the new year. While this is true and most South Africans are actively looking for employment during this time, the harsh reality is that not all of them have transport money to get to and from interviews. Therefore, missing out on the opportunity all together.

One of the problems that the youth is facing extends beyond the creation of jobs. Most applicants are disqualified from entering the workforce market because they do not have the necessary tools to access job opportunities. In a bid to begin fighting this problem, the Cape Town based start-up, which focuses on connecting first time-jobseekers to employers, has entered a partnership with Uber. Uber has made a generous donation of R10 000 in free Uber rides to get candidates to and from their interviews. They are willing to match a further R10 000 of public donations too. Members of the public can make donations towards the cause too. Anyone is eligible to sponsor a ride by visiting trustedinterns.co.za and contributing towards the Backabuddy fund.

This initiative will not only benefit the youth but will also have a positive impact on all those employers looking for fresh young talent to join their corporations. They will now have access to new undiscovered candidates who previously did not have the means to make it to the interview process.

Trips are currently limited to those residing in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth and only available in UberGO and UberX. I truly hope that this initiative goes a long way in combating unemployment and that the percentage will drop, even if its just by 5%.

By Noni Nchwe